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Hello and welcome! Our hopes and aims with this site are to provide inspiration for your own bead craft ideas and beadwork, and to outline various free beading projects you can try your hand at. We hope you enjoy the site!

Bead Craft is a fun, easy to learn hobby that anyone, of any age can enjoy.  Although the mechanics of beading are simple, and beading ideas and bead projects are abundant, the artistry of beadwork can be as complex as you care to make it, and is bound only by the limits of your imagination.

Bead craft is a nearly perfect hobby.  My exposure to it came about via my wife, Christina, who studied jewelry design and sculpture in college, but do not think that a degree of any sort is required!  With a minimal investment in some basic beading supplies, you can be on your way to creating a stunning array of beautiful, artistic pieces in next to no time.  In fact, that’s exactly why Christina prefers bead craft when designing her own pieces.  She could sit down in her workshop and cast a ring from a combination of metals, or carve out the intricate patterns of a pendant or charm, but in far less time, using her bead craft skills, she can create lovely, elegant matched sets of her own unique jewelry to wear, to give as gifts, or even to sell for profit.

Simple glass beads are used in a wide variety of beading projects and beadwork

Simple glass bead craft beads

Few things are better than a hobby you enjoy that also happens to be able to pay for itself, and beadworkcertainly falls into that category!  I would not recommend it to anyone looking to “get rich quick,” because it can take time and persistence to master the art of design and get some level of name recognition, but given how incredibly easy it is to get started, if bead craft is something you find that you enjoy, there’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t make your various beading projects pay handsome dividends. (For more information on this topic, see the section entitled Beadwork Business Secrets)

Beading Ideas & Bead Projects

Top 5 Reasons for giving Bead Craft a try:

  • Minimal initial investment in equipment and supplies
  • Bead Projects are relatively easy, fun, and relaxing!
  • Can see the fruits of your labor relatively quickly
  • Results of your various bead projects make truly unique gifts to give to friends, or make pieces for yourself!
  • Bead Craft is a hobby that can pay for itself! (you can see an example of Christina’s online store below, or by clicking “Creativisms“.

This site then, is dedicated to introducing you to the world and the possibilities of bead craft, in hopes that you’ll find it as fun and enjoyable as Christina and I have.  We’ll show you just how easy it is to get started, offer up a variety of ideas for Free Beading Projects you can try your hand at, help you find supplies of Beads Online, and show you a sampling of what’s possible with this wonderful hobby! We’ve also recently expanded this section with the addition of the “More Bead Ideas” page!


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