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Glass beads are mostly used for decorating our handicrafts, home decors, fashion accessories and jewellery. You can make certain jewelleries like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings out of beads. Nowadays beads are usually used by jewellery designers in creating unique and elegant jewelleries. They are made of a variety of materials such as glass, corals, terracotta, shells, wood and metal. The most common glass craft beads are the acrylic and fire polished glass beads. These are used by many jewellery designers for they have certain qualities that look absolutely stunning in making jewellery.

Glass craft beads are processed under lamp working method. This method starts by preparing the mandrels first then heating the glass rods in the flame until it melts. Wind the molten glass to the mandrel then continuously rotating it in the mandrel until you have formed the base bead. And once the bead is done it goes right into annealing process. Annealing process is done after the glass has been formed; it prevents it from cracking due to extreme heat. The span of this process depends on the thickness and type of glass used for beadmaking. Then once it is finished then it is now ready for designing.

You can make a variety of coloured glass beads like blue, red, yellow, brown, black, white, pink and violet. You can turn them also in different shapes like round, square, oval, teardrop, heart, cylindrical or tube. That is why glass rods are used for making glass craft beads because of varieties of shapes and colours that you can choose from. In glass craft beads you must also know the different materials used for making these types of glass beads like pliers, mandrels, glass rods, cutters, bead release, torch, fibre cloth or vermiculite and many other more. You must provide all these materials and must follow carefully the procedures to make your glass craft bead making successful.

Now you can make your own glass beads at home and can even decorate your home with these kinds of beads. Bring out your talent by making beads for making jewellery, who knows you might be a jewellery designer someday. Start making one now and fulfill your dreams in making different beads.

Tiffany Leffler is a glass beadmaking expert.
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Glass craft beads have been utilized for making jewelery pieces for many centuries like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Glass craft beads are commonly used for making jewelery nowadays. They are made of various materials like metal, terracotta wood, plastic, stone, ivory, ceramic fibre, shell, coral, bones, glass and gemstones. But the most used for designing crafts is glass beads because you can make different shapes with glass beads like oval, cylindrical, round, heart, square, tube, diamond and teardrop. You can also make them in different colors like green, blue, red, yellow, pink, violet and brown.

In making glass craft beads, there are different kinds of materials and equipments that you must provide like wires, threads, needles, soft glass, matches, kiln wash, vermiculite, mandrels, torch, cutters, pliers, shaping tools and different coloredGlass craft beads have been utilized for making jewellery pieces for many centuries like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. glass rods. Choose glass beads that are widely available like acrylic beads in making jewelery. Acrylic beads are popular and less expensive craft beads that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is also the fire polished beads that are made in Czech Republic that is used also for crafting. These beads are said to be polished by heating them over a flame until it melts, giving them a bright, smooth and shining look.

Glass craft beads are usually made through lamp working method because they are simple and easy to do regarding glass manipulating. Lamp working method uses a gas fueled torch to melt down glass rods and then wraps the hot glass around the heated mandrel to form the base of the bead. And once the bead is done it goes right into a kiln process. Annealing the glass after forming it prevents it from cracking due to extreme heat. The length of this process depends on the thickness and type of glass used for bead-making. When glass beads are cleaned of bead release, it is now ready for jewelery craft designing.

Glass craft beads are mostly used for decorating handicrafts, fashion accessories, home decors and clothing. Try creating different kinds, color and shapes for your glass craft beading for it is surely worth it. Enhance the creativity in you and start creating your own craft beads now.

Tiffany Leffler is a glass beadmaking expert.
Learn Ground-Breaking Secrets Of Making Your Own Glass Beads!
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Bead earrings are a fashionable and fun way to accessorize your outfit. What started as a crafting idea has blossomed into a wide variety of fun and fashionable earrings. You can buy or make funky earrings to express your personality, or more expensive bead earrings are available with beads, gold, and crystals coming together to form pretty designs.

You can find basic bead earrings, which consist of three or more beads forming the dangly part of the earrings, as well as more fancy earrings, which add crystals, twists in the wire, or even feathers. The different designs allow you to match your outfit or your mood to your accessories. These can be popular with belly dancers or others who wear beads on their clothing, as they can match their earrings to the beads on their clothes or even their belly button ring. More retro beads or styles can complete your 60′s or 70′s style outfit.

Bead earrings are available online on many craft sites, at accessory stores, or you can go hunting at local craft fairs for bead earrings and other beaded jewelry straight from the crafter’s hands. Another great place to find original earrings that are made from beads is bug markets. There you can find some one of a kind design that no one else will be fair.

It can also be fun to make your own bead earrings. Bead earrings are an easy project to start and finish, with instructions and ideas available online and in many craft books. With wire, beads, wire cutters and pliers, you can make your own designs and show off your artistic talent. Earring backs and basic earrings that you can add beads to are available at most craft stores along with beading supplies.

Make your own dangly or polished bead earrings. Bead earrings can be made with a variety of beads, including seed beads, chevron beads, fire polished beads or shaped hematite beads, for a few examples. You can find hearts, stars, and even penguins. Use twists and curls in the wire to add flare to your design.

While you are busy making a few pairs for yourself, why not think about making some for friends and family? People absolutely love receiving handmade gifts and for any woman who wears earrings, they will simply love the idea of having a pair that you made just for them.

For those who were not there the time to take up a new hobby, bead earrings can be custom designed for you by many crafters. Be sure that the crafter uses good quality materials, so that your bead earrings will stay looking nice and to stop problems with reaction to certain materials.

Bead earrings are a fun way to add color and variety to your clothes, whether you make them yourself, order a custom design, or buy someone else’s design. Making them is a fun hobby for many people, so there are many creative designs available.

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Out of ideas for your next beaded project?

The checklist that I am recommending could probably be longer, but this list will keep you busy for a very long time. It has certainly done so for me. You will be designing and making beaded jewelry for many years should you take this list as seriously as I do.

It is highly recommended that you keep a notebook or two or three or more. You will have more notes then time to make all the jewelry from your imagination.

Here is a checklist of how to accumulate jewelry designs from unique ideas for a day when creativity takes a holiday or is being stubborn.

  1. Visit your parents or your grandparents and snoop through the jewelry boxes. They may have some pieces that you would like to duplicate with the newer variety of beads and beading techniques or to make trendy jewelry.
  2. Visit flea markets, garage sales or vintage shops and roam the aisles looking for inspiration from old or broken pieces of jewelry, old clothing, era photos, and lace fabrics.
  3. Watch period movies and observe adornment ware of body and of clothing. Be sure to have your pen and paper ready to note ideas.
  4. Review past and current issues of teen magazines, general interest magazines, ethnic magazines, celebrities, and other fashion or beading magazines and books. Gather information as to the marketplace where your creations and styles of jewelry designs would sell effortlessly.
  5. If you make beaded pendants review animal, flower, coin, insignia, flag, and button publications.
  6. Most of us purchase commercially made beads. Take a look at how to make beads. This is another outlet for bead jewelry making artisans. This will open doors to create original bead designs sparked by the process of making your own collection of designer beads.
  7. Research the different types of jeweled ornaments from our country and from other countries. This investigation will open history, geography, ancestry, heritage, traditions, legends and much more.
  8. Investigate the mythical and the spirit world. There are thousands of storybooks of imaginary stores of gods, goblins, leprechauns and other fantasies produced by children and adults. Unwrap religious legends or develop your own by meditating and withdrawing within the imagination of the mind.
  9. Question people as to why certain pieces of jewelry are worn. What meaning or story hides behind that trinket? One of the most elaborate bracelets that tell many stories is the charm bracelet. Each charm contributes to the story. It is a memory bracelet.

Yes, I do have many notebooks. Because there are so many ideas, it is also necessary to keep learning jewelry and beading techniques to be able to make these beautiful adornments of beaded necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, anklets, rings, and more.

Visit Tricia Deed at and learn to make beaded jewelry with video on demand.

Through the years I have learned to be a jack-of-all-trades and maybe mastered one. Because my interests are many, diversity has been the road most traveled. Currently, my hobby is learning and combining these interests with my business of internet marketing.

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Bead: a small, decorative object pierced for stringing. Owing to the wide range of colors, shapes and sizes that they come in, beads have captured the heart of men and women both, though not alike. Men prefer gifting them ! Not getting into the dry, elaborate account of ‘types of beads’, precisely beads that we usually come across, are made of one of these:

Glass, Plastic, Stones, Bone, Horn, Ivory, Metal, Shell, Coral, Gemstones, Clay, Wood, Ceramic & Crystal

There is an array of beaded products in the market, beyond beaded jewellery, jewellery boxes, and beaded handbags. Bead craft is well developed business, and the items produced, or rather embellished, are not just decorative pieces to be put in the show case, but daily use products, with a sparkle of beads and buttons.

Jewellery & jewelry box

Jewellery is perhaps, the most old form of beading products. From tribal to urban women, beaded jewellery has been a popular adornment. Whether its heavy bridal, wedding jewellery or bling junk for college girls, beads have found a way to be a part of jewellery for all occasions. You can find cheap beaded rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, etc on pavements in Delhi markets. Girls and women across cultures wear junk jewellery, that go perfectly with light western and Indian dresses. Also there are complete necklace sets, that are must in your list, if you are planning a party. Beads go with, traditional as well as western dresses.

And then you have embellished boxes to keep your beaded possessions safely.

Ornament hooks

These are small ornament hooks, that are just perfect to hang your new set of necklaces and danglers.

Embellished Hand bags & Purses

They have been there for quite sometime now.

Home Decor Accessories

Wall hangings, wind chimes, embellished incense bottles, chandeliers. Almost anything and everything can be embellished. Though there are no hard and fast rules, but don’t embellish everything. Literally ! Lol


Apart from these there are other miscellaneous items like Bobby Pins, brooches, cuff links, hair accessories, cell phone charms and key rings, bookmarks, which are sure head turners.

Though Beading is a specialized job, and requires high degree of skill on a business level, it is also a pleasurable hobby and to pursue it, there are various beading kits and beading games(for kids) available in the market. There are small time courses that give beading lessons to children, men and women. So if you think you like stringing these colorful pearls into threads, with a larger picture in your mind, just go out and get your own kit, Beading is as easy as that.

Happy Beading !

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If you are new to beading then you will probably only need to search in Google for ideas for beading or free beading projects and you will find plenty of projects for you to try using many different techniques. If however you are experienced at beading then you will more than likely want to be creating your own designs using techniques you like the best, and also using beads you have in your own collection instead of always buying new.

There are beading designs everywhere! Ideas for beading are everywhere; you just need to be thinking about beading to spot them. I love spreading out a selection of coordinating beads then moving them around until an idea pops into my head, unfortunately it does not always happen that way. I sometimes have to resort to other means to find ideas for beading patterns.

My first call for inspiration will be the many beading books that I have; I will flick through the pages until something catches my eye. The problem with this is that you sometimes use too much of the design seen and your finished piece is not as unique or personal as you wanted. But still if you just look at the images and not read how it is done then you can create something similar but done in your own way using different techniques.

Searching the internet for jewelery also helps me find inspiration and ideas for beading and jewelery making but I am always wary of not unintentionally copying designs I have seen. The trick is to find elements from several pieces, then find a way of putting them together using your own selection of beads and finding to create a new and exiting piece that shows off the best of what you have seen in your own way.

Another great source of inspiration is fashion magazines; I like to look at the latest fashions and colors used in the fashions. This also makes me think about the style of the piece, i.e. if it is a necklace then the type of necklines on tops and dresses will help make my mind up regarding the length or shape of the design.

Unfortunately sometimes the fashion magazines do not reflect what people are really wearing so just taking a walk though a busy (or even not so busy shopping center will give me ideas for beading all sorts of items, not just jewelery.

Anyone who can just sit down and make a new unique piece of stylish jewelery without any trouble is very talented. Most of us need inspiration before we can begin to think about what is going to go where!

To find beading supplies in the UK then why not visit our UK craft website or for more information then visit our craft information site.

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Valentine’s day is just around the corner. You want something extraordinary to give to your loved ones.  But you want them to know that it comes from the heart.  Can you imagine the pleasure you will get when you give that friend or family member a beautiful beaded craft that you created just for them?! A beaded candle holder will add beauty to your candles and the perfect ambiance to anyone’s  Valentine’s Day. Many gift shops sell them at a very high price. You can make them very inexpensively.

Getting Started – All you need for this project is a small votive candle holder and string beads. You can get these beads at a craft store or you can make your own with beading thread and beads. If you make your own you can use different color beads and then you have a completely different look.   Apply a dab of glue and start with the end of your beads. Let that dry completely. Put some glue down about every 1 ½” and then start wrapping the beads around the candleholder. Try to keep them as tight as you can. Continue wrapping and gluing the beads in place. When you come to the end just cut the beads apart and apply a dab of glue.    Let dry completely and then you can put your candles in the beaded candle holder. The flame will show through the beads and make them shine.  

These candle holders look very nice on a group setting. You can make taller candle holders the same way. Try varying the color of the beads.   If you have a small mirror that you can set a group of them on they really look nice that way. Put some small flowers or potpourri around them and you have a great centerpiece. There are so many unique and beautiful beads on the market now that the sky is the limit. Just take your time and your creativity will show through your own designs. After you have gained a little bit of experience you can even start selling your candle holders. There are people who love to buy handmade pieces created just for them. Have fun making your own beaded crafts!

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Mardi gras beads are throws that are tossed from the floats as they pass during a Mardi gras day parade. It is so much fun to try to catch as many beads as you can, but you end up with bags and bags of beads of various sizes and colors. What can you possibly do with all the beads? Here are some ideas for bead control: use the beads to decorate, crafts, and easy party identification.

One way to use Mardi gras beads is to decorate your home for the holidays. You would choose the beads with the right colors for the holiday you are decorating for. You can cut the strand to attach another strand by twisting the end of the beads together. This will allow you to form a strand of beads in whatever length you need. For example, you can twist red and green beads or silver and blue beads and form a strand long enough to wrap your Christmas tree. You could also use a curtain rod to drape beads or put strands together to form a longer curtain of beads in the colors of your choice.

Another decoration idea is to fill an acrylic or glass box (vase or other container of your choice) with beads that coordinate with your décor and prominently display the box on a shelf or table. You could even fill a glass lamp with beads to add a touch of color in the room. You could also use the container of your choice filled with beads and add a lamp kit and shade and you will have made your own lamp.

Mardi gras beads can be used in craft projects as well. You can use the beads to decorate a frame for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or whichever holiday is being celebrated. Another craft idea is to attach the beads to a tote bag or backpack to personalize it for school. Of course, you can cut the beads apart and glue them anywhere your imagination takes you.

Have you ever attended a barbecue and lost track of your glass? You set it down beside someone else’s glass and couldn’t remember which glass is yours when you went to pick it back up. Mardi gras beads can help keep that from happening. You can cut a small strand from your beads that can be wrapped around the stems of the glasses. By assigning a different color to each guest, you will always know which glass is which.

Catching Mardi gras beads is great fun. Now when you bring all your beads home you will have some ideas for ways to use them. Of course you can always give the beads to your friends as souvenirs or have a party with your friends to make some of the crafts. Whatever way you decide to use the beads, you will always have a wonderful reminder of your time at Mardi gras and you will be able to use the Mardi gras beads when you get them home.

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Fall Is the perfect time to upgrade your style. How does one add a new twist to a favorite blouse that has been hiding in the back of the closet all summer? It is impossible to ignore all of the new Jewelry and accessories that beckon our eyes to gaze. It is no secret that we all are trying to watch our spending and perhaps sacrificing the little luxuries that are deemed “unnecessary.” Why not save money by orchestrating your own beaded Jewelry and design ideas? It is amazing how the perfect accessory can enhance and update any look regardless of personal style.

Color choice is key when selecting your beads. To get started choose colors that compliment skin tone or enhance eye color. This is a fun way to play up certain features and look your very best. Color combination adds depth and intrigue. Choose three or more colors in the same category to string together in an unset pattern. It’s fine if there are no set patterns, just be certain not to put two of the same bead side by side. There are no rules when it comes to beaded Jewelry and design ideas, but a little planning and experimentation can go a long way.

Size Matters when it comes to selecting beads. Just like the color selection you are going to need to vary the size of the beads. Sizes range from tiny seed beads to giant baubles. Chunky accessories are”in” this season if you are the trendy type, however if you are petite and prefer to dress femininely this will not work for you. Stick to the seed beads and try to create a look that reflects you. Here is a fresh idea to try: select a giant bauble bead, add seed beads to the sides to surround it, add you favorite style closure (there are many to choose from) and voila! You can even make a giant bauble with different color polymer clay. Be sure to make a hole to fit your string, wire or elastic thread through. Add some small wooden beads to the sides and you will have your friends asking “Where did you get that”?

How do you create synergy with your beaded Jewelry and design ideas? The first thing to keep in mind is that “less is more”. Choose a cocktail ring and chandelier style earrings , but skip the necklace. Go for an elaborate necklace and nothing else, wear with a white (or cream or eggshell) top to showcase your work. Bracelets can be tricky, they are difficult to wear because it can easily become too much. Wear a frilly blouse or something with an interesting detail and select beads to compliment it. Bracelets work well when all of the other accessories are kept minimal. Often when you are working with your beaded jewelry and design ideas it helps to sketch out what the end result will look like.

Techniques all depend on your skill level, how much time you want to put in and of course patience becomes a virtue. You may find that working with beads is an addictive zenlike creative escape. If you do not have patience you may develop it while working with beads because it is so rewarding to invest a little time for something that becomes so gratifying. You absolutely have something to show for your work that is purposeful and special. Techniques that can be explored further are as follows: Stringing, wireworking, and beadknitting. You may choose to just stick to the traditional way of stringing and that is okay. String multiple beads together to create a simple bracelet or necklace, and wear a bunch of them together. Bead knitting has beautiful and professional look but you will need to invest in a loom. Wire working is just using the wire itself to enhance the look. Choose copper for a unique and edgy look. Wrap the copper wire around a giant square bead and wear it by itself.

In conclusion, you do not have to be an artist in order to create beaded jewelry and design ideas. Just use what looks good on you. Crystal beads are great for the holidays, they add sparkle and drama to a cocktail dress and make wearing black fashion forward. Wooden beads give off earthy vibes and are fantastic for casual fall days and evenings, think of wooden beads as the “jean” of the bead world. Shiny beads catch the light and add fusion. Matte glossy beads can easily be painted or worked into a professional look for the office. Don’t forget to make some for you friends to give as gifts for holidays, housewarming parties, or a last minute birthdays. The most important thing to remember is to give love and have fun.

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One challenge faced by many hobbyists who want to turn their beading projects profitable lies in producing your designs in sufficient quantity to produce sustainable profits. This is especially true if your preference for beading projects runs to necklace/bracelet making, as these typically take longer to produce. This article will focus on things you can do to maximize your productivity, and thus, your profit potential.

The first, best thing you can do to boost your productivity is not to go overboard with the number of bead craft designs you want to offer. So many bead crafters want to undertake dozens of different beading projects in order to produce a staggering array of choices for their customers, and while that is commendable, it gets increasingly more difficult to stay organized, the more bead craft projects you have “on the table.” Best to start with no more than 4-6 designs and slowly introduce more as your level of success increases.

From a pure production standpoint, if you’re making necklaces and or bracelets, few things will help your speed more than a bead tray. At under ten dollars, this is simply a must have! It greatly simplifies the bead craft process as you can completely lay out all the materials for your beading project, double check to ensure everything is how you want it, and then it’s literally as simple as picking up the already organized pieces and stringing them together.

If you have children and or an understanding, helpful spouse, these can be enlisted to assist with the production of your various beading projects. Even one “bead night” a week can dramatically enhance your total output.

Likewise, if you have a neighbor or friends who want to learn the art of bead craft, offer to teach them in exchange for a couple hours a week assisting with your for profit beading projects.

If you have an established line of profitable bead craft projects and you’re finding it difficult to keep up with demand, you may want to consider putting feelers out for “contract beaders.” As around to see if anyone might be interested in executing some bead craft projects for you in exchange for half the profits for the items they produce. If you find yourself balking at this idea, remember that Michelangelo didn’t produce his vast body of work himself. He had dozens and often scores of apprentices working under him, and he would merely supervise the work. His vision, brought to life with the helping hands of others, and you can make use of that very same principle in your for profit bead craft projects.

There are a number of ways you can increase productivity when it comes to your bead craft projects. Some things you can do entirely on your own, but don’t be afraid to ask for, or even pay for help if you find yourself unable to keep pace with demand. Remember, if your goal is to create a line of profitable bead craft projects and you find yourself in the position of having to seek help, this is a happy dilemma!

To learn more about this and related topics, see Bead Craft. Chris Hartpence and his wife, Christina, live in a small seaside town in South Carolina. Both are lifelong artists and diehard do it yourselfers.

They jointly run the Bead Craft Ideas website, and can be reached at

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