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Want a really nice craft for your older kids to do or for yourself? Paper beads are a great way to make stunning and unique gifts for their friends or themselves with very little money involved. (We all love that!).

All you need are some old colorful magazines, or even newspaper works if you like that black and white look.

Tear out the page you want to use, and mark off one inch strips, or you can approximate.

Draw a line from the top corner of one of the one inch strips to the other corner and cut it out, you will have two very long triangles.

Cover your paper in white glue on the wrong side, and then take a round tooth pick and begin to roll your paper very tightly make sure it is pressing right into the glue. (This part will be a bit messy).

Then stick the tooth pick into the top of an egg carton or piece of cardboard to dry. You can dip your paper beads into varathane or glaze to harden them and protect them, and these paper beads will look shiny and just like porcelain beads.

Once you have all your beads, you can start threading them to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. You can get all the jewelry making supplies quite cheap online or in your local discount store. Each paper bead will be unique and different. You could also have themes, like using newspaper, or the same type of color pages.

This is a good way to get rid of some old magazines, and have fun at the same time. click here for a free video on how to make paper beads and have fun and make some unique jewelry. Article and website by Diane Palmer

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Clay beads are very versatile. You can make almost anything with the clay. You can mold it into any shape you would like. You can use clay tools or even a simple toothpick to enhance your design or add a little texture. Dress your design up with other types of beads. You can even use glass beads, metal beads, or wood beads.

Here are some clay bead making ideas; however, the possibilities are endless. You can make beads to reflect different holidays or seasons. Try your favorite sports teams or colors. Do your school mascot or school colors. Reflect the colors you see in the mountains or the beach. You could even do ones to reflect your wedding colors and give them to all your bridesmaids as gifts. Use these beads to reflect your personality and who you are.

You could just do a basic solid color beads to reflect the colors of the rainbow. Then you could take those colors and swirl them up to create a whole new look. It is amazing how you can just change a beads appearance just by changing the shape or mixing the colors around. It can be lots of fun to create your own jewelry.

You can use these beads to make a necklace, bracelet, pin, key chain, earrings, backpack charm, bag charm, or paper weight.

Try to make your first clay bead and see what design you come up with. I guarantee that you will start coming up with endless ideas.

Come up with your own clay bead designs everyday. If you would like to see more designs or get more information please check out my clay bead site.

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Internet forums are a great way to communicate with people who share the same interest as you do. These are discussion sites that you can find online so it allows you to connect with people no matter where they come from. They are very easy to use and most of them have a user-friendly interface. One of the most important parts about it is its anonymity, meaning that you can simply use an alias if you don’t want your name to be placed out there.

Beaders are among the people who take advantage of this technology. The art of beading is becoming prevalent nowadays and it is no surprise that those who practice it would need a common place to discuss and trade tips about it. The pure pleasure of beading is always enhanced when you share your ideas and thoughts with others.

Forums on beading come in all shapes and sizes. There are the small ones that focus on beading as a hobby and there are those that talk about it as a business and even as a fund-raising activity. It becomes an avenue for people to exchange thoughts on designs or techniques and even discuss topics that are related to the different types of bead craft hobbies.

People who participate in beading forums also find it a great way to increase publicity for their artwork. A trend is developed when people are aware of it and when they talk about it so the more you put your designs out there, the greater the chance that people would notice it. Forums are also used as avenues to promote beaders’ sites. They can use links that lead to their own websites where they can better show off their products.

So how exactly does one go about starting a forum on beading? First of all you would need to find people who are interested to actually take part in the forum discussions. They can be fellow beaders or people who have a passion for buying beaded products and are looking for sources that are less mainstream so that they can maintain their individuality. Sometimes these people can even be influenced to start beading once they read up on the discussions in the forum.

A great place to start is with people that you already know. Then they can convince their own friends to join. To get more diverse people to participate in your forum, you may consider advertising in a certain type of media. You can even promote it in an already established forum about something related to beading. Remember that a forum’s purpose is to be able to trade more ideas with each other so the more participants you have, the better. Becoming a regular part of a forum will not only give you fresh design ideas but you be able to find the best bead stores and other suppliers close to you or on the internet.

Getting organized in your jewelry business is important to get the most out of your business and our beaded jewelry software is designed to do exactly that. We have a range of free jewelry business information and free how to price jewelry calculator to help you improve your jewelry business.

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This information in this article is predicated on two assumptions: That you have one or more beading projects you’d like to make profitable, and that you have some level of inventory at the ready for when sales begin coming in. If that’s you, then this article will outline a few avenues open to you for “passively marketing” your work.

Note that passive marketing does not mean “no work required,” or “you don’t have to talk to anyone.” Rather, it means that the greater bulk of the work occurs on the “front end” and that once the work is concluded, your passive marketing efforts will continue more or less on their own, indefinitely, with only minimal added effort on your part.

This is important for you as a bead crafter because it frees up more of your time, which you can devote to your current beading projects, or, if you feel you’re ready for it, develop wholly new beading projects to expand your line.

We’ll cover two examples of passive marketing. One, advertising your completed beading projects locally, and the other, advertising them globally.

One of the very best ways to market your beading projects locally is via consignment. Here, your goal is to show your line to people with an established business and ask if they will display and sell your products in exchange for a portion of the profits. This works to your advantage on a number of levels. First, the established business already has regular customers you can make sales from. Additionally, most will allow you to display your business cards next to your wares, so if a customer likes what you produce, their next purchase may be made direct from you. Also, once you have an existing relationship of this sort, it’s generally easy to introduce new products to your display as you expand the number of beading projects in your line.

The key here is not to limit yourself to just one or two such relationships, but to seek to engage as many sources as you can keep supplied. Not only does this increase your exposure, but it also allows you to see how various shops handle your merchandise, and you can use this information to see where your products sell the best, then attempt to gain a similar in-store position at other shops carrying your line. If your beading projects are focused on necklaces/bracelets, you may naturally be drawn to locally owned jewelry stores in your town, but I encourage you to think outside the box here! Hospital gift stores, gift shops in retirement homes and old fashioned country stores are all great pleases to inquire, as are general gift stores and specialty shops like Hallmark, and any place that caters to local artists!

Thinking of the global market, the very best thing you can do to advertise your for-profit beading projects is niche web marketing. There are literally dozens of books on this topic, and it’s far beyond the scope of this article to fully explore the process, but in broad strokes, what you need to do in order to market your beading projects in this manner are:

1) Identify keywords describing your beading projects that get some daily searches (10-30+ per day) and have minimal competition (under 50k).
2) Design a niche site around these keywords to drive traffic to your page
3) Describe what you’re offering. These descriptions should be mixed in with original content on your site
4) Offer would be customers a means of contacting you
5) Offer them a means to buy from you online

Again, the beauty of passive marketing is that once the initial work is done, your beading projects get exposure day in, and day out with very little effort on your part. Contrast this with a hands on approach (flea markets and craft fairs) which require your constant presence and attention in order to make sales from your beading projects and the advantages become compelling indeed!

To learn more about this and related topics, see Bead Craft. Chris Hartpence and his wife, Christina, live in a small seaside town in South Carolina. Both are lifelong artists and die-hard do-it-yourselfers.

They jointly run the Bead Craft Ideas website, and can be reached at

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For those who have started to enjoy jewellery design, the next step is to create some of your own beads. To do this you will need a few tools to get started as well as a bit of flair to be creative! If you already design your own jewellery then the chances are you have an idea of the kind of beads you want and already have the creative part down. The tools are not that difficult to come by, especially if you are just planning to make beads on a small scale.

When you begin making beads, it is probably a good idea to start off with the least expensive tools you can find. You may eventually find that you do not enjoy making beads anymore or you may find it to be too difficult. If you don’t make a huge investment, you can give it a try without worrying about the financial outlay.

The first thing that you should consider is the type of beads that you are interested in making. You may want to start off with clay beads to get some design ideas. With clay you are able to combine colors and make some really unique beads for your jewellery. There are clays that are available for purchase in a huge variety of colors and that will be able to harden and dry right in your home oven. Make sure that the pans and materials you use are specific to your bead making only. Many people also use a food processor or pasta maker for combining colors and you should make sure that you only use these pieces of equipment for working with the clay.

If you are going to be making glass beads, the most important piece of equipment you will need is a kiln. However, it is not requisite to you buy a kiln initially. You can melt glass by using a special torch that will focus the heat directly on the piece of glass you are melting. There is a large range of safety equipment required for making glass beads. The temperatures that are used would require you to be very careful whilst making the glass beads. An injury from these kinds of temperatures could be very serious.

Once you have worked with your beading equipment for a while and have got used to it, you may be interested in purchasing some of the more expensive equipment, such as a kiln. These can range in price from a few hundred pounds for a small one to thousands for the larger varieties. Cost will obviously depend on the size and the temperature range of the kiln. Choose one that you will find the easiest to use and has all of the safety features that you need.

Making your own beads is a great way to further your own jewellery making efforts. You will also find that if your beads are unique and beautiful, other jewellery designers may be interested in purchasing them from you. Glass making is an art form and you might find that you have a flair for making these tiny works of art.

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To find out if you are a guru at jewellery making, see a wide range of beads at this wonderful website – There is enough selection on the site for even the most avid of jewellery makers to have lots of fun!

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Technology has made our lives a lot more easier. The Internet and other related technology had not only made life convenient, but also has taught us so many things. Thanks to the Internet we can learn new things every day. There are various type of software’s that are available to teach us to do various things. If you’re interested in learning to work with bead work, you have beading software that you can use to master this skill.

If you look up the Internet, you’ll find that there are various different types of beading software. These software programs teach you to create beading design patterns. Moreover if you want to convert a picture into a beading design, you can take the help of these software programs. And so with the help of these software programs, your able to see the end result, that is you can see what the completed design pattern will look like. Software programs also give you ideas as to what type of beads to use, colors to be used etc.

Beading designs can be quite complex, however with beading programs, these beading designs seem a lot of easier, and the tips and advice that these programs offer are extremely helpful and interesting as well. It really makes beading very easy.

You can also get plenty of information and details on different types of stitches that are used in beading. Moreover using software, you can also adjust rows and columns of beading patterns, thus giving you an idea of what your design and pattern will look once its completed. It really makes things very easy for you. Apart from this, if your not happy with what you see, you can use beading software to change beading patterns by using loom, square or loom patterns.

Some beading software programs also allow you to draw over the beading patterns. They have various easy to use drawing tools, which you can use for this purpose. Thus with these drawing features, you can create the patterns and designs that you want.

Beading programs are plenty, so how do you know which one to go in for? Well, you can start off by using the free basic trial packages that are available on the Internet. The rates for beading software programs vary, and could start anywhere from $100 onwards. If you search on the Internet, you may be lucky and get some discounted rates. But it’s always advisable to try a software before going in for one.

Essentially a beading software program, should help you to understand beading designs and patterns, give you details on the list of things that you would need to make a particular bead work design, such as colors, size of beads, types of beads etc.

Common beading software include Bead Font, Bead Wizard Software, BeadScape etc. Beading software programs are many on the Internet, its recommended that you check the credibility and authenticity of the software before you buy it.

For more tips and techniques on beading then why not visit our craft information site or for beading supplies then please visit our UK crafts shop – Criss Cross Crafts.

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Beading, in all forms, has been a fun hobby for those younger and older alike for many years. There are so many projects out there for beading, it is hard to choose just one. The materials used in beading projects range from the plain and simple to elaborate and elegant. For as many people that are beading, there are more than that in beading materials. Whether you are just beginning in the beading world, or an old timer with several years of experience, there will be a project out there for you to do no matter what kind of budget you are on.

Designing Your First, or Next, Project

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a beading project. You can use every color you can find of real gems with even silver and gold. Of course there are many places where you can find patterns. But, even then, you don’t have to follow it point by point. Add your own flare to it by changing the bead styles that are used, or try a mixing of different colors. The easiest of projects to do are simple necklaces and bracelets. They are large enough for you to work easily with the materials without feeling like your fingers are cramped if you are just learning how to bead. Moving onto more complex projects will include pins, brooches, earrings, and chandelier necklaces. It is up to you to decide what your project will be and how it will reflect your creativity.

Types of Materials

Even for the most simple of projects you must have materials to begin with. You can even purchase a kit that will help get you started. If not, the very basics of what you will need are as follows: a type of thread, beads that you have chosen for your design, and some way to finish off the the piece which usually includes clasps. Threading can be many things such as different sizes of wire, multiple kinds of threads of all colors, and even yarn. Beads, you have a very wide range of choices. They can be glass, real or artificial gemstones, foil, ceramic and casting beads. There are also many types of clasps to choose from to give your piece of new jewelry a more finished look. The most common types of clasps are toggle, hook and eye, and lobster claw. A pair of craft needle nose pliers and wire cutters are also a must for more advanced projects.

How You Can Save Money on Projects

There are many ways you can save money on various beading projects. When you are just starting out, you do not need to begin with silver and gold materials. These can very quickly become very expensive very fast since wire is often sold by the inch or foot. Even accent pieces can add up fast. Also, for gemstones, start out with the synthetic stones. Nobody, except those with a very good eye, will be able to tell they are fake unless it is blatantly obvious. When you see those gaudy pieces of jewelry at the thrift store or garage sale, ask yourself if you could use parts of it in your next project. It is very easy to take pieces apart that you or somebody else is no longer using. Old coffee mug holders are perfect to display finished items on.

For more information on subjects like beading designs, be sure to visit us at

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The latest rage sweeping the country is to have jewelry made from different types of beads in assorted sizes, colors and textures. The more beaded jewelry the better as you can change the appearance of your outfits to be more dress-up or causal.

You can purchase beaded jewelry from local stores or you can make your own by using craft beads. Local craft shops such as Michaels, AC Moore and others offer a wide selection, superb quality and low prices for the beads they sell. Whether you are a novice or experienced working with beads, you will find the beads, findings, wires, threads, tools and everything else you need to create stunning jewelry and decor pieces for your home.

Craft beads can be plastic pony beads, fabric beads, paper beads, pearl, glass, to Swarovski crystals and everything in between. Stores that carry beads usually carry a wide selection of literally thousands of different types and sizes of beads.

Some of the more popular types of craft beads include Bead Heaven, Elegance Collections, Crystal Innovations, Better Beads, Elite Better Beads, Fancy Finery, Westrim, Blue Moon and Bead Gallery assortments. There is also a wide selection of Bead and Jewelry Making Kits that are perfect for people just starting to work with craft beads. These kits provide everything you need along with detailed instructions to get help you start and complete your project.

As with any craft, you will need to purchase the proper tools and equipment. These can be purchased individually or in sets. If you are not sure you want to invest this much money on a craft that you are not sure you will want to continue doing, you may want to take a special training class offered at your local craft store. They will have tools available for you to use and if you decide to continue working with craft beads, you can then purchase the extra supplies needed for your new hobby.

Your craft store will also be able to provide you with great ideas on bead projects. Whether you take their in-store classes, work independently with a prearranged kit, or if you buy a book, the ideas for your own craft bead jewelry will be unlimited. You can make sets that include your necklace, bracelet, earrings, and pin and each set will be uniquely yours, which is a one-of-a-kind jewelry set.

You may think that you do not have the talent to create your own jewelry or home décor items using craft beads, but you will never know unless you try. Sign up for a class and start out small. As your skills develop, you can advance to more complicated projects.

Before you know it, you will be an expert at making your own jewelry using craft beads and your friends and family will be asking you where you bought your jewelry. And, who knows, you may want to start your own home business making jewelry for other people to purchase. The opportunities are endless and you are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to using craft beads.

For more information on crafts, try visiting – a website that specializes in providing craft related tips, advice and resources to include information on craft beads.

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Beading: A Short History

The art of beading has been around nearly as long as humans have been. From the moment an ancient human found a shell or stone with a natural perforation and strung it on a piece of vine to wear around their neck, beading has been popular in one form or another. Whether those objects were worn as a religious symbol, for personal adornment or to permeate them with special powers doesn’t matter. Bead stringing is the first form of beading and it persists to today.

Thousands of years ago, ancient tribes of humans strung hollow animal bones on a fiber. It is believed that wearing the bones of the animal would either protect them from that animal or fill them with the animal’s spirit, making them a less fragile human. When early humans developed the tools required to pierce another object, creating a hole, then many varied items were strung for many different purposes. Sea shells, seed pods, nut shells, fresh water mollusk shells, and even animal teeth and bones have been found by archeologists with man-made perforations. Some people made actual beads of clay and others learned to add pigments to color the beads. As humans progressed, they began to enamel the clay beads.

About 3000 years ago, the Egyptians learned to make glass and the next logical step was creating glass beads. They elevated the art of beading to a high level that is still admired today for its beauty and elements of design. The Egyptians become skilled at adding pigments to the glass to craft very colorful beads. They combined these colored glass beads with precious and semi-precious gemstones and precious metals, such as gold and silver, to fashion jewelry pieces that were stunning. Beads became a much sought after commodity, so much so that they were used in commerce and exported throughout the ancient world.

Other cultures embraced the art of bead making. Most people think of China when they think of an abacus, or counting frame-a calculating device that utilizes beads that are slid on wires that have been strung on a wooden frame. The Babylonians were actually the first to use an abacus, although theirs was drawn in dust or sand and small pebbles were used instead of beads. The counter abacus with strings and beads can be credited to the Egyptians, or the Ancient Indian people, possibly. The Chinese played an important role in the evolution and development of the abacus.

Romans traded beads all across their empire, and even the ancient Celts and the Vikings were bead craftsmen who used beads to adorn themselves in the form of necklaces, amulets, and bracelets. Ancient Amerinds used beads as personal ornaments, in religious ceremonies and to decorate clothing articles. Native American bead art is popular in fashion, today and an important source of revenue for many people. Nearly everyone has seen turquoise beaded watch bands, or Native American necklaces and belts.

Beading was-and still is-a part of Native American Society. Many tribes had quilling societies that were sacred to the women. To join the society, a young girl had to be recruited and then she was tutored and carefully trained in the bead making arts. The process of making the quillwork was sacred, but the finished piece — to be worn or used by someone — was not considered sacred. The product was of secondary importance to the process of manufacture. The focus was on the thoughts and prayers and the work, not on the finished piece — very different from Western society, which tends to value the finished product and ignores the process of creation.

There are contemporary beaders who report that beading is almost a spiritual experience for them as they embrace the art of creation as much as the finished work, the focus being on perfecting the art rather than a race to complete the final product. Carol Willoughby at THE BEAD COTTAGE, [], is an example of a person who appreciates the spiritual side of beading as much as the finished product.

Karen Vertigan Pope writes for Ciniva Systems, an award winning Virginia web design company.

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One of the most important tools before you start your beading is the Beading Instructions. Mostly, beading instructions can be found on beading kits available on your local craft stores. Beading instructions are very important because not all beading projects are easy to grasp. Most of the beautiful beading products are made from difficult patterns, and so instructions are should be followed. Even when learning how to make simple beaded anklet the instructions should be followed, not only to end up with the design that you want, but also to learn properly how to make jewelry.

You can find array of different booths selling all types of beading materials from Art and Craft stores. They usually sell beading materials like simple beading kits or individual handmade glass beads to help you make and enhance your jewelry. With this business, competition is very rampant so having the most simplistic set of beading instruction materials is necessary.

Without any instructions in all forms of art, especially the art of bead working may lead to disappointment, realizing that your finished product is different to what the pattern shows. You will finish your work quicker without having some mistakes if you’ll be able to follow the instructions.

Because beading continuously making its name globally, the rise of popular beading instruction materials are also available now via Internet. Savvy craft artist preferably purchase this material in an online bead stores. With your ability of choosing your beading materials over the net with just one click of a button, your beading craft has never been lot easier.

Beading instructions considered as an asset in bead work, not only because they serve as the pattern but also they can be a source of new design ideas. With deeper understanding at the instructions may add further knowledge on improving your beading designs. You don’t have to go and join a beading workshop, because with specialized instructions attached with most of your beading kits, bead working has never been more enjoyable.

The right beading instructions can create such beautiful items for gift giving. Making your own specialized beaded gift is a good option present for your family and friends.

Once you get to follow beading instructions and being able to figure out your desired beading product, your artistic skills are improving. Sharing your own ideas by writing your own beading instructions step you up in the field of this art.

The important thing is not to rush into making your jewelry. If you are new then it is best to take it slowly at first. The old saying, practice makes perfect, is especially true for crafts like beading. The more that you do and make, the better you will become over time. Planning and designing your own jewelry should be something that you enjoy and not something that you see as a chore, so just take it slowly and enjoy.

Our Bead Manager Pro is guaranteed to help you become more organized in your jewelry business. We also have a range of free beaded jewelry articles and a free jewelry book to help you get the most out of your business.

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