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Have you got old clothes in your closet that have gone out of season but are still in love with? Don’t you simply wish you might do something to spice it up a little to make it look new again? Well you absolutely can! It is all pure and simple! All that you need is some beads in all the perfect colors and voila! It will be as good as brand new! You won’t ever know the power a few dainty beads and some thread can do for your attire. Now take some time to sort out those old clothes, give away those that are not useful for you anymore, and keep those that you can still boost through beadwork.

Are you just not glad how a few beadworks can save you a lot of cash in buying new clothes? There are so many things you can benefit from it. Now let us begin with a few tips we can use in spicing up that horrible and plain wardrobe.

Do you have a shirt with a boring, faded print? Why not highlight that print by stitching some beads on their outline and straight into the cloth? You’ll certainly be dazzled by the amazing results.

Do not be worried if your old wardrobe has complicated swirls or plain cuff trims because whether it is a blouse, a pair of old jeans, sweaters, tank tops, tees, coats or jackets; beads will continue to be a fun and classy way to bring out your standard wardrobe.

Beadwork does not only do wonders on old clothes, it’s also just about popular as an accessory. If you’d like to give a new look to your clothes, some striking accessories on the neck, ears, wrist and fingers will surely do the job. Or you can add beads to your purses, gloves, scarves, slippers, hats and even head bands!

Having a quiet dinner with your better half or some friends? Are you dying to make a statement as a host? Apart from the soothing cast of candlelight over your silverware, you may jazz it up by sewing some sparkly and glittery beads on your placemats, napkins, hang some on your candelabrum or your centerpieces.

There are endless ways to creatively use those beads even in your own home! Sew them on your towels and pillows, or your blankets and curtains, even on wall sconces and candle holders. Make your door appear more inviting by draping it with a curtain made out of pretty bead strands.

Also, never forget to hand wash your beaded items. Never put those in a washing machine or else you may never see that gorgeous and complicated beadwork again!

Getting organized in your jewelry business is important to get the most out of your business and our beaded jewellery software is designed to do exactly that. We have a range of free jewelry business information and a free jewelry pricing calculator to help you improve your jewelry business.

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Want to try your hand out at some creativity? Try bead jewellery making which opens up the wide world of creating something different and new. Mix and match colours, shapes to churn out new pieces of jewellery.

Beaded jewellery is pretty simple to make provided you get hang of certain basic techniques involved. You do need to get the knack of twisting wires, tying knots and even stringing as the case arise when you are making earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hairpins and many more costume accessory items.

Enrolling for a beading class is the most sensible thing you could do because a beading class will train in the perfect method and technique and you get your basics straight right from the start. Moreover when you practice collectively in a group, you are sure to get more ideas and inspirations from others apart from making new friends.

Beading classes usually have two levels viz. Beginner’s Beading Classes and Advanced Beading Classes apart from which you could check out a wide range of specialized sessions which train you in themed bead jewellery making such as Christmas Special, Wire Wrapped Jewellery, Bead Weaving Techniques and lots more. Beading Classes could also teach you the basic elements of design, bead stringing, wire twisting and bead appliqué as well. The number of bead classes you attend entirely depends upon you, your interest in bead making and your budget. You could attend either one or them or all of them

Also these beading classes give you the opportunity to try out designing your own piece of jewellery under the guidance of an expert and you could truly give shape to an idea which you have imagined for yourself. Well, if you are learning bead jewellery making at a personal and amateur level, you could very well design jewellery pieces which can be offered as personalized gifts to your near friends and relatives.

In case you wish to further diversify into bead jewellery making as a business you could always delve deeper, create more and more designs. But for this you do need to join up for the advanced beading classes and also practice and innovate on a continuous basis.

I am an expert writer for beads and jewellery related articles. I am providing useful information about Beading Classes for those who are interested in bead making & looking out for such classes. To get brief idea of bead classes you could visit:

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I have been getting requests on how to make these napkin rings. So I have decided to start with probably the simplest design – the spiral napkin rings. These are fun to make since we will be using a lot of beads. And it is up to your own imagination and creativity in deciding which type, and sizes of beads, and color or combination of colors to be used. I am using plastic beads this time to show how even the least expensive of beads can be made into a pretty stunning napkin ring.

Materials you will need:
Beads, Thick Wire (about 1.2mm gauge), Headpins (x2)

Round-nose pliers, Flat-nose pliers, Tube shaped object

Step 1:
Wrap the thick wire around the tube several times to create a spiral. Remove the wire carefully without pulling it out of shape.

Step 2:
By using the round-nose pliers, bend one end of the wire into a small loop.

Step 3:
Insert or thread the beads on to the spiral wire.

Step 4:
Once all beads are threaded, make a similar loop at the end of the wire.

Step 5:
(This is a tricky step and can be skipped. If this step is skipped, then just use the flat nose pliers to pinch the end loops down so they stay somewhat hidden from view.)
Time to dangle some beads on the end loops. To do this:
a) Slide a bead onto a headpin and with a round-nose pliers firmly grasping the wire just above the bead (this is called the neck), bend the wire down to a sharp angle
b) Slide the headpin through one of the loops of the napkin ring
c) Use the round pliers to grasp firmly at wire just above the bead and hold the tail wire with a flat pliers and create create a loop by wrapping it around tip of the round-nose pliers then slowly wrap the wire around the neck of the headpin several times
d) Cut the rest of the tail wire

And voila! Your very own simple but yet elegant little napkin ring is finished.

Article with pictures:
Beaded Napkin Rings

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A Seed Bead cost me .015 at a bead store in The Mall of America. Looking back, this is why I am so passionate about a community of beaders whose purpose is to help other beaders come into their own. It may be a lofty goal, and not completely altruistic (I have to pay for hosting after all) but it is a sincere goal of mine.

I want to provide a safe place for beaders. I want to provide a place that is safe for people to try free tutorials, to learn new weaves to use with their Seed Beads and a place where people can have fun enjoying their hobbies. I want to provide valuable information, and first rate resources for beaders – experienced and new alike.

I do not want to have a place where people aren’t welcome because of their gender (I am a male, after all). I want people to come regardless of their specific art form, regardless of their media, as long as they are working towards the same goal: Seed Bead knowledge and love.

When I first began shopping for Sead Beads, the very first day even, I spent over $100 and I had absolutely no idea what I was getting. I chose mostly Czech Seed Beads because those were the most prominently displayed. Normally this would be a first good bet for beads, but at almost $7 a hank for some truly unremarkable beads, most of my money went to the invevitable markup in a place like the Mall of America.

Before you go on your first Sead Bead shopping trip, make a list (there are a few on the internet). Stick to your list, and only buy things that are very pretty, and are things you will actually use. For example, I buy tiger’s eye because it is one of my favorite stones. I never have any idea on what to do with it, so it sits in my bead stash growing old. Even though you like it, if you wont use it, pass on it.

Second. For your first shopping experience at a local bead store, do not spend a dime. You want to go there to feel things, to find what catches your eye, and find out what is tactically and visibly pleasing to you. Is a “Japanese Barrel” Seed Bead more to your liking, or would you prefer a Czech Seed Bead. No one told me that the Japanese Barrel beads would be easily 10 times as expensive, but 100 times more useful.

I forgot to buy findings, threading material, needles, and the necessities. I hope no one goes through the problems that I have, and I believe that this community will be a hope for others!

Seed Bead []

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I am a Thirty Something with a lovely wife and a 1 yr old baby boy. I love crafting, and especially Beading!

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While it is simpler to buy tools and materials on-line, you’ll find it useful if you’ll attend some bead shows each year to know what is hot and what’s not. At a bead show you are going to be able to see the different latest jewelry items with different trendy colors and designs. You will be able to snatch the opportunity as well as discovering new concepts from other creative artist, by speaking with them while having some fun. There are some bead shows conducting manuals and seminars, this is a good method of learning new beading techniques and developing your potential as an artist as well . Most of the time you’ll find jewelers working as they are selling and you can pick up ideas on jewellery making tools and their proper usage simply by walking around and observing.

During bead shows, you may either ramble around or look for jewellery items that catch your eye, or you can start comparing costs of different jewelries. But , it is advisable not to make any purchases first, it’s much better to use the bead show as an opportunity to make informed purchases rather than purchasing things and maybe ending up with a bad deal. You may find hand-crafted glass beads, fimo beads and any other type at many alternative stores and taking your time will make sure you get the best bargain.

Having some company during bead shows is another way to help see if you aren’t missing any important items you need to have. And by comparing with each other, experiences and bargains you have seen, you will get to know if there are some interesting items and ideas that you should see during the show that sadly you missed.

Ask for business cards from sellers, particularly from those you have bought from. It is an simple way for you to get in contact with them when you run out of items you need.

Bring along with you a small notebook with the list of items you need, and you may also list down all of the information about new styles, colors, designs, and even interesting concepts you gathered during the show. You can annotate their name and contact information of the different merchants and their booth locations. When you have all of the required information, you have the opportunity to visit them again to compare costs of items with other sellers, and the chance to visit their own website to get some more information.

Don’t take a bag with you to carry all of your items, but rather employ a large backpack with heaps of pouches to store different items in, use the pouches at the top for more delicate items with the heavier ones at the bottom. This way your products will be protected and you’ll be able to view items simpler with both hands free.

Enjoy your time at the bead show! This is a great experience where it gives you different concepts and latest trend in joining the creative arena of jewellery making. As this is going to be your craft remember to have a good time at the outside craft show, it is business, but also it can be fun at the same time.

If you need help with your jewelry business then our beaded jewelry software is guaranteed to get your business organized. We also have free free jewelry business tools and a free jewelry business book all designed to help you get the most out of your jewelry business.

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African trade beads owe their unique creation to the need of traders plying the route between Africa and Europe and the affinity of Africans for beads of all types. European merchants created these trade beads to barter items of value from African people. Some of the items found in Africa that were particularly coveted by the Europeans include gold, ivory and palm oil amongst other region specific things.

The history of African trade beads can be traced back to the 15th century, when Portuguese traders reached West Africa and discovered that the people of Africa attached a lot of importance to beads made from a variety of items such as iron, gold, ivory, bone, organic things etc. Simultaneously, the European traders also discovered that the land was full of resources that Europe was in desperate need of.

Resultantly, the shrewd business minds of the traders decided to use beads made from glass as leverage to barter goods and raw materials with Africans. The material of glass was picked out primarily because the continent of Africa was still to discover glass working techniques, and its people were found to be in awe of the exquisite glass beads that the Europeans showed up with. An alternate name for these items is slave beads as they were used to barter slaves in addition to basic goods and services. These African slave beads were also known as aggry beads.

During those times, although the whole of Europe was rushing to produce them and siphon off the maximum amount of African resources, the leading producers were artisans from the city of Venice that is famous for its rare and unique glasswork even now. Other leading African trade beads producing centers of Europe include Bohemia and the Netherlands. The most popular type of African slave beads is the millefiore form that can be translated into the ‘thousand flower’.

In terms of the current day and age, African trade beads have become items that have a lot of value owing to their exotic nature and intriguing history. As per some historians, the African slave beads became popular in the western countries during the decade of 1960 which saw a lot of people from the US and Europe traveling to Africa and discovering the beauty and value of these African slave beads. Resultantly, jewelry made from African slave beads was transported back to the western world where it immediately captured the fancy of the majority of consumers.

Furthermore, it should be noted that there was no standard production of African trade beads and they were produced on the basis of particular demands instead. This has resulted in individual African trade beads items that draw their value from the fact that there is no other item like it. Therefore, the originality and the unique workmanship are the driving force behind jewelry made of these famous African beads becoming extremely coveted in the present day.

If you want more information about African jewelry then check out this great African Trade Beads website or another alternative is this African Trade Beads blog with plenty of advice.

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Have you ever tried to make Beaded Ornaments?

Beaded ornaments can be made by stringing beads on wires, fishing line, pipe cleaners or pins. They can be made by cutting out patterns for Christmas ornaments from cardboard or box board and sticking the beads to the pattern. You can cut out a pattern of a snowflake, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, star, reindeer, etc…..anything related to the Christmas season, but be sure to glue beads to both sides of the cut out if it is a hanging ornament. You can incorporate beads in a wreath to give it that extra sparkle.

Beaded ornaments are not only for the Christmas season. You can make beaded covers for Easter eggs or beaded ornaments for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and any other holiday or birthday. They make a great personalized gift for any occasion. When there isn’t a special occasion to make an ornament for you can make beaded sun catchers or dream catchers to hang in your window or around your house. On a sunny day when the sun shines on these they produce beautiful and colourful reflections in your home. You can also make beaded pins for any occasion.

As a fun get together you can arrange a beading party and invite family and friends to attend. This would be a great way to introduce them to the world of beading. If you had beaded ornaments already made up before hand you could display them at the party. It could be a great opportunity to sell some of your creations at the party, if you are looking to make some extra money, and also to spread the word about your creations. I’m sure when they see how beautiful the ornaments can be they will be hooked on beading.

If you are giving a beaded ornament as a gift for a special occasion or selling them, you have to make sure they have a finished polished look as many people will not appreciate any homemade gift or purchase them if they look like they have not had any real thought gone into them and has been just thrown together.

There are many free resources for finding ideas to make these ornaments. The internet is one of my favourites (what did we ever do without the internet LOL). My local library is another. Magazines, beading classes, creative friend’s ideas and browsing department stores are a few more (sometimes not free though). Make sure you pay attention to any copyrights of any ideas you come across.

You can find beaded craft kits, with all the supplies you need to make a beaded ornament, for sale on the internet or at your local craft store. You can also find simple Christmas beaded ornament patterns to involve your young children. A lot of the time these are free with instructions. Most of the materials used for these crafts are safe for a child to use such as pipe cleaners and glue as opposed to needles, wire or pins, but still should always be supervised by an adult as they would still be using small beads.

Have fun and Happy Beading!

Arlene is a lover of beaded ornaments. She is anxious to learn as much as she can about beads and beading and to pass on her knowledge to anyone that is interested. You can share her knowledge by visiting the links below.

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Using a chain to hold your glasses will reduce your chances of losing them. There are other, more modern-looking alternatives to a chain, though. To learn about making a beaded eyeglass chain that everyone will admire follow these instructions.

You’ll need the following materials:
- Quantity of beads of your choice
- Fishing wire or beading thread
- Eyeglass holders, two
- Crimping beads
- Pair of scissors
- Needle nose pliers
- Crazy glue

Create your bead pattern. A pattern should be chosen before beginning to make the eyeglass chain. To keep from losing beads they should be kept on a soft surface such as a towel. If you have one, a bead tray it is optimal to use for this. Make sure you have a variety of beads before starting the next step.

Begin your beaded glasses chain. After you do this, you are ready to attach the chain to your glasses. The first thing you should do is cut a length of beading thread that is between 26″ and 36″ in length. Always check your beading thread by tugging it gently. Pass the thread into one eyeglass holder and a crimp bead. Then work it back through the bead of crimp and crimp the bead tightly over the thread. Hide the loose end under the beads that you first strung. Then you can start threading your beads one by one. Ensure you do not need corrections in the pattern of the beads often. This should be repeated until the chain is the necessary length and the beads are all used.

The eyeglass chain should be clamped off. The end of the chain needs to be closed to prevent the beads from being lost. To do that, put a second crimp bead onto the end of the string of bead where you just finished stringing on your beads. Put the second eyeglass holder on the end of the necklace and put the thread through both. Last hide the thread by running it through the last few beads. To clamp the bead in place you will need to use your needle-nose pliers. Visible thread should be cut off (don’t do this until you are positive that the crimp bead is tight, or you may lose the lot!).

Make sure everything is secure in the place you want it. As an added safety measure you may want to dab a little crazy glue at each end.

If you are able to glue the top and bottom of the crimp bead where the beading thread enters and exits, your chain will become stronger and should not loosen. When the glue is dry you will be able to wear your new glasses chain.

Tiffany Provost writes about beaded chain glasses and other fashion and personal care tips for

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If you’re just starting out in beading, then one of the worst things you can do is walk into a beading store and look at all the tools that are available! There are all sorts of specialized tools, and when you’re new to beading, it’s impossible to know which ones you really need.

The good news is that it’s possible to do lots of great beading without having to spend an absolute fortune in tools and materials. The best way is to start with a small selection of the most necessary tools, and then over time you can expand your collection as you need to. This will happen naturally as your skills develop and you branch out and tray new beading techniques and projects.

It’s a good idea to work out what type of beading you want to start learning, and then buy only the tools you need for that. Check out beading magazines, books, or websites to get ideas for beading projects. Look for a list of materials, and hopefully a list of required tools.

Beading tools can be found at specialist beading stores, either at their shops or via their Internet sites. Some also offer catalogue mail order. If you’re not lucky enough to have a beading shop nearby, then check out your local craft and hobby shop. You may even find some of the less specialized tools in a hardware store.

Also, remember that it’s often possible to pick up cheap tools, but be careful – cheap prices often mean poor quality as well. If you shop around, you should be able to find good quality tools at a reasonable price, without having to pay top dollar.

Some of the most common beading tools include:

- Pliers – round-nosed, flat-nosed, chain-nosed, snipe-nosed and blunt-nosed pliers

- Crimping pliers

- Split-ring pliers

- Wire cutters

- Needles

- Cup bur

- Files

- Loom

- Tweezers

- Hammer and block

- Jig

- Reamer

As I said earlier, which tools you start with depends greatly on the type of beading you plan to do. If you’re working with wire, then pliers and wire cutters need to be on your list. If you’re planning to bead garments, then the right needles are a top priority. Once you do some research, you’ll soon discover which beading tools you need, and you can start your collection.

If you want to read more about beading tools, click over to Felicity’s site at To read Felicity’s Ultimate Bead Lover’s Guide, go to

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Today Pandora beads are well known and highly regarded as top selling and high quality jewelry. It is considered of high standard. It’s beautifully created and worked jewelry. The Pandora beads first originated in Copenhagen, Denmark, and then made their move out of Europe into the United States. Pandora beads jewelry is basically charm beads bracelets where you chose the charm beads on them.

The idea for Pandora Beads jewelry originated from Greek mythology. What they did is take the story of Pandora’s Box and took inspiration from it, hence the name. This is the story of Pandora’s Box:

Zeus was very upset at Prometheus for taking fire from the immortals and later giving it to the mortals. He wanted to punish him and the mortals for this so he thought up of a plan. He created Pandora, the first woman. She was given different features and gifts. Different Gods offered her different things. One gift that she was given was a necklace by Charites, the goddess of charm. She was also given a box which she wasn’t allowed to open.

However, one of the other gifts she was given was curiosity. She couldn’t resist the urge, and eventually opened the box. By opening the box she released all that is bad and evil in the world. The only thing still left in the box was hope and inspiration.

Pandora Beads Jewelry then took the idea of Pandora and her box, and what was left over. They took the hope and inspiration and created charm beads that are put together to create beautiful charm bead bracelets. What’s beautiful and interesting about Pandora Beads is that you can create completely original jewelry, whether for gift or for yourself.

Pandora has since gone a long way from the stories in Greek Mythology and Copenhagen, Denmark. Today Pandora’s beads and charm beads are a popular household name. They are perfect for any occasion and creating completely original and artistic gifts. Wonderfully inspired and recreated, the choices of different charm beads are endless and leave room for creativity. There are new and beautiful Pandora’s beads coming out every day, so there is something for everyone, it’s only a matter of knowing and looking for what you want. There is no doubt and question as to why Pandora beads are so popular, they have taken over the jewelry world by storm.

Aya Wilkinson is the the writers of aClickAhead, the only Corporate Gifts offering page one listings for the most popular keywords in your industry, you can benefit her experiences as a leading writer on Charm beads

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