Are you looking for ways to keep your kids busy during their summer holidays? Keep them creatively entertained for hours with these easy, yet engaging craft activities:

1. Painting Rocks: Your kids will love staying outdoors in your garden or backyard busy painting rocks of garden stones. Supply them with acrylic paints and brushes and let them use their own creative ideas. They could either paint little objects and scenes on larger rocks or paint smaller stones in single or multi colors.

2. Photo Frames: Photo frames can be made and/or decorated in many different ways. Ask kids to choose their favorite summer photos to be framed and supply them with plain plastic or wooden frames. Now ask them to embellish each frame with a theme that matches the photograph. A picture taken on the beach can be displayed in a frame embellished with sand and seashells. A birthday photo can have a frame embellished with birthday clipart, cutouts or stickers.

3. Wrapping Paper: Let your kids make different types of wrapping for use throughout the year to wrap presents for their friends’ and teachers’ birthdays. Give them paint and different household supplies that create various patterns on paper. For e.g. sponge, cut vegetables, carved buttons, jar lids etc. They can also make and store some for Christmas.

4. Bead Crafts: Assorted beads in different colors, shapes and sizes make for interesting craft supplies. Kids can create themed jewelry, bead art, pins and little decorations by stringing beads on to wire and then bending wire to create shapes.

5. Playdough: Homemade playdough is one of the oldest and still the most effective of keeping kids busy. Give the kids a ‘summer project’ to complete before the day ends in which they can make a summer scene or a number of summer themed objects.

Giving these crafts a ‘summer’ theme will not only give the projects an interesting twist, but it will also make your kids enjoy the season and wait for it to arrive soon next year!

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