Looking for a new hobby? Try beading!

Beading is the hottest hobby nowadays. It used to be a simple one color and one line bracelet, with a basic clasp. Nowadays, you can bead your way to a more sophisticated design of necklaces, bracelets and even animal figures! And it’s not a hard thing to do. With some basic tools, you could bead a beautiful Swarovski crystal earring for your mother’s birthday present. You can make money from them too.

Don’t worry if you have no training whatsoever about beading. You can look for information on the internet, but there are not many good websites with lots of pictures that can help you with beading. That’s why I recommend books. There are a lot of books and e-books that can show you how to start your beading project. There is one particular e-book that I’d like you to get, “Beading for Beginners” by Vivienne. It is cheap but pack with beading information.

This visual e-book is a complete beginner’s book that shows you the fast, easy and convenient way to begin beading. The author simply put herself in the beginner’s shoe, so she knows what information they are looking for to start beading.

Beading for Beginners guides on how to choose the right beading tools and beads to kick start your beading project so you won’t waste money on unnecessary items. The author also teaches reader’s on step by step illustrated 8 beading techniques as well as numerous beading ideas. You can start using her ideas, and then you can create on your own.

Photos and illustrations are generously included in this e-book to help beaders create beautiful jewelry, clothing and home decor items that will impress your friends and family. This is the essential item that you might not find in other books or websites.

In her e-book, Vivienne also advices on common mistakes beginning Beading Artists make. Make sure you pay attention to this tips so you will save some time when working on your beading project. She has also listed down trusted beading supplies and resources, even helps you on how to save hundreds of dollars when making purchases! Other valuable information from this e-book is tips on organizing your time so beading won’t take over your life and organizing working space so you won’t loose your precious beads.

There you go! I have disclosed all the information that you will get when buying this e-book. You will also receive 2 amazing bonuses when buying this e-book. If you are still not sure, why not take the free 5 part mini e-course first? It has been drawn straight from the pages of the “Beading” e-book so you can see firsthand the quality content this e-book contains.

After the mini course and the book, I will guarantee that you will be a Beading expert in no time! You can use your beading project yourself, or give away as presents. Your family, friends and relatives will love even more because you took time to create an exclusive present for them. You can also make money by selling your beautiful project. Sell them to your neighborhood from your own house, supply them to gift shops or advertise them on the internet. Before you know it, you’ve became a beading entrepreneur!

Good luck on your beading project!


Start beading now and make money!

Author: Farah Zainal
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