Have you got old clothes in your closet that have gone out of season but are still in love with? Don’t you simply wish you might do something to spice it up a little to make it look new again? Well you absolutely can! It is all pure and simple! All that you need is some beads in all the perfect colors and voila! It will be as good as brand new! You won’t ever know the power a few dainty beads and some thread can do for your attire. Now take some time to sort out those old clothes, give away those that are not useful for you anymore, and keep those that you can still boost through beadwork.

Are you just not glad how a few beadworks can save you a lot of cash in buying new clothes? There are so many things you can benefit from it. Now let us begin with a few tips we can use in spicing up that horrible and plain wardrobe.

Do you have a shirt with a boring, faded print? Why not highlight that print by stitching some beads on their outline and straight into the cloth? You’ll certainly be dazzled by the amazing results.

Do not be worried if your old wardrobe has complicated swirls or plain cuff trims because whether it is a blouse, a pair of old jeans, sweaters, tank tops, tees, coats or jackets; beads will continue to be a fun and classy way to bring out your standard wardrobe.

Beadwork does not only do wonders on old clothes, it’s also just about popular as an accessory. If you’d like to give a new look to your clothes, some striking accessories on the neck, ears, wrist and fingers will surely do the job. Or you can add beads to your purses, gloves, scarves, slippers, hats and even head bands!

Having a quiet dinner with your better half or some friends? Are you dying to make a statement as a host? Apart from the soothing cast of candlelight over your silverware, you may jazz it up by sewing some sparkly and glittery beads on your placemats, napkins, hang some on your candelabrum or your centerpieces.

There are endless ways to creatively use those beads even in your own home! Sew them on your towels and pillows, or your blankets and curtains, even on wall sconces and candle holders. Make your door appear more inviting by draping it with a curtain made out of pretty bead strands.

Also, never forget to hand wash your beaded items. Never put those in a washing machine or else you may never see that gorgeous and complicated beadwork again!

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Author: Gary A Capps
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