Making your own beaded cards is a rewarding and fun bead project. Have you been to the bookstore and searched for the card that’s just right for a special occasion, but it’s just not there? There’s an easy solution of course, and that is to make your own.

If, like me, you enjoy bead craft even just adding beads to the ordinary card you find on the shelves can be a quick solution.

There are certain materials you need for your bead project cards, starting with heavy quality paper or card. This can be purchased in many color ranges and can be embossed or patterned. And what is a craft without glue and scissors? These are necessary items for any project. Adhesives available are: glue stick, glue dots, double-sided adhesive tape or adhesive foam pads.

If you are new to beading it won’t be long before you find yourself looking for beads of different sizes and shapes – it’s very addictive. Why not use buttons and bows for your design? If you’re like me and hate to throw things away, that ‘may be useful one day’ item could be just the right thing for your project. You’ve no doubt got a box of old buttons lurking in your sewing box. These can make useful additions to your greeting card too.

Make a collage of different fabrics, stitch them with running stitch in different colors and place beads throughout the design for interest. There are many fabrics you can use such as pieces of old curtain, off-cuts of lace etc. While beads can be glued to your cards you can make small items such as hearts, wedding cake, bell, crown, a vase and so on. Make these small decorations with beads and 28-gauge wire. Attach these to the card with one of the adhesives.

Making beaded cards are your own little masterpieces of art. Have fun coming up with ideas and enjoy the delight on the recipient’s face…it’s sure to stay on the mantelpiece longer than most!

Margie Bell finds beading a satisfying craft and enjoys sharing her passion with others. You can find more ideas at Bead Projects.

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