While it is simpler to buy tools and materials on-line, you’ll find it useful if you’ll attend some bead shows each year to know what is hot and what’s not. At a bead show you are going to be able to see the different latest jewelry items with different trendy colors and designs. You will be able to snatch the opportunity as well as discovering new concepts from other creative artist, by speaking with them while having some fun. There are some bead shows conducting manuals and seminars, this is a good method of learning new beading techniques and developing your potential as an artist as well . Most of the time you’ll find jewelers working as they are selling and you can pick up ideas on jewellery making tools and their proper usage simply by walking around and observing.

During bead shows, you may either ramble around or look for jewellery items that catch your eye, or you can start comparing costs of different jewelries. But , it is advisable not to make any purchases first, it’s much better to use the bead show as an opportunity to make informed purchases rather than purchasing things and maybe ending up with a bad deal. You may find hand-crafted glass beads, fimo beads and any other type at many alternative stores and taking your time will make sure you get the best bargain.

Having some company during bead shows is another way to help see if you aren’t missing any important items you need to have. And by comparing with each other, experiences and bargains you have seen, you will get to know if there are some interesting items and ideas that you should see during the show that sadly you missed.

Ask for business cards from sellers, particularly from those you have bought from. It is an simple way for you to get in contact with them when you run out of items you need.

Bring along with you a small notebook with the list of items you need, and you may also list down all of the information about new styles, colors, designs, and even interesting concepts you gathered during the show. You can annotate their name and contact information of the different merchants and their booth locations. When you have all of the required information, you have the opportunity to visit them again to compare costs of items with other sellers, and the chance to visit their own website to get some more information.

Don’t take a bag with you to carry all of your items, but rather employ a large backpack with heaps of pouches to store different items in, use the pouches at the top for more delicate items with the heavier ones at the bottom. This way your products will be protected and you’ll be able to view items simpler with both hands free.

Enjoy your time at the bead show! This is a great experience where it gives you different concepts and latest trend in joining the creative arena of jewellery making. As this is going to be your craft remember to have a good time at the outside craft show, it is business, but also it can be fun at the same time.

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Author: Gary A Capps
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