Bead: a small, decorative object pierced for stringing. Owing to the wide range of colors, shapes and sizes that they come in, beads have captured the heart of men and women both, though not alike. Men prefer gifting them ! Not getting into the dry, elaborate account of ‘types of beads’, precisely beads that we usually come across, are made of one of these:

Glass, Plastic, Stones, Bone, Horn, Ivory, Metal, Shell, Coral, Gemstones, Clay, Wood, Ceramic & Crystal

There is an array of beaded products in the market, beyond beaded jewellery, jewellery boxes, and beaded handbags. Bead craft is well developed business, and the items produced, or rather embellished, are not just decorative pieces to be put in the show case, but daily use products, with a sparkle of beads and buttons.

Jewellery & jewelry box

Jewellery is perhaps, the most old form of beading products. From tribal to urban women, beaded jewellery has been a popular adornment. Whether its heavy bridal, wedding jewellery or bling junk for college girls, beads have found a way to be a part of jewellery for all occasions. You can find cheap beaded rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, etc on pavements in Delhi markets. Girls and women across cultures wear junk jewellery, that go perfectly with light western and Indian dresses. Also there are complete necklace sets, that are must in your list, if you are planning a party. Beads go with, traditional as well as western dresses.

And then you have embellished boxes to keep your beaded possessions safely.

Ornament hooks

These are small ornament hooks, that are just perfect to hang your new set of necklaces and danglers.

Embellished Hand bags & Purses

They have been there for quite sometime now.

Home Decor Accessories

Wall hangings, wind chimes, embellished incense bottles, chandeliers. Almost anything and everything can be embellished. Though there are no hard and fast rules, but don’t embellish everything. Literally ! Lol


Apart from these there are other miscellaneous items like Bobby Pins, brooches, cuff links, hair accessories, cell phone charms and key rings, bookmarks, which are sure head turners.

Though Beading is a specialized job, and requires high degree of skill on a business level, it is also a pleasurable hobby and to pursue it, there are various beading kits and beading games(for kids) available in the market. There are small time courses that give beading lessons to children, men and women. So if you think you like stringing these colorful pearls into threads, with a larger picture in your mind, just go out and get your own kit, Beading is as easy as that.

Happy Beading !

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