Valentine’s day is just around the corner. You want something extraordinary to give to your loved ones.  But you want them to know that it comes from the heart.  Can you imagine the pleasure you will get when you give that friend or family member a beautiful beaded craft that you created just for them?! A beaded candle holder will add beauty to your candles and the perfect ambiance to anyone’s  Valentine’s Day. Many gift shops sell them at a very high price. You can make them very inexpensively.

Getting Started – All you need for this project is a small votive candle holder and string beads. You can get these beads at a craft store or you can make your own with beading thread and beads. If you make your own you can use different color beads and then you have a completely different look.   Apply a dab of glue and start with the end of your beads. Let that dry completely. Put some glue down about every 1 ½” and then start wrapping the beads around the candleholder. Try to keep them as tight as you can. Continue wrapping and gluing the beads in place. When you come to the end just cut the beads apart and apply a dab of glue.    Let dry completely and then you can put your candles in the beaded candle holder. The flame will show through the beads and make them shine.  

These candle holders look very nice on a group setting. You can make taller candle holders the same way. Try varying the color of the beads.   If you have a small mirror that you can set a group of them on they really look nice that way. Put some small flowers or potpourri around them and you have a great centerpiece. There are so many unique and beautiful beads on the market now that the sky is the limit. Just take your time and your creativity will show through your own designs. After you have gained a little bit of experience you can even start selling your candle holders. There are people who love to buy handmade pieces created just for them. Have fun making your own beaded crafts!

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