First you start with making a necklace, then a bracelet, then a pair of earrings. Advance to making rings, pendants, animals, flowers, and then begin mastering more complicated patterns in beaded jewelry.

You want more? You have caught the beading craft and have also discovered there are not enough hours in a day to make all the jewelry, accessories, and other delights of beading.

What types of beading are there?

  1. Hand beading: Beading like quilting can be done by hand which makes it a portable hobby.
  2. Machine beading: The computerized sewing machine and its specialty attachments and software can perform many of these hand arts with speed.

Today, you have a choice of using either or both methods in any jewelry project. Much freedom is available for your artistic desires and creations.

This checklist presents other traditional types of beading methods:

  • Loom work
  • Knitting
  • Crocheting
  • Tatting
  • Needlepoint
  • Cross Stitch
  • Embroidery
  • Tambour work

The newest addition to this list is quilting. Artists started embellishing quilts with beading using hand and machine techniques and the craze has been growing for the last few years. These artisans have opened new avenues of adventures for those people interested in making art quilts. Applique work is used heavily in quilting and welcomes the added glamour of beads.

What types of stitching techniques are to be learned in the art of beading?

Brick and ladder – also known as Comanche or Cheyenne – Brick or square stitching is often used in combination with the ladder stitch or it can be used alone. It is utilized in many jewelry projects as well as surface work. Can be hand stitched or loom worked. These two techniques are used in jewelry, home decorator items, and clothing.

Ladder – is a series of stitching your bead choice side by side creating the appearance similar to the rungs of a ladder. Personally I use this in edging necklaces, making bracelets, rings, and decorating fabric creations. Many watch bands are in a ladder design. The ladder stitchery can also be seen in home decorations.

Peyote or gourd stitch can be stringed flat, tubular, and circular. It gets its name from the North American indian who used their stitchery in decorating their Peyote religious objects used in their ceremonies. Now we make evening bags to accessorize an after five ensemble. This stitch is often found in necklaces, belts, and other types of flat wear. Much can be done in wearable art, jewelry and decorating objects. The gourd name dates back to early Egypt because of decorating gourds and baskets.

Herringbone – originates from Africa and it creates a chevron weave appearance. It is used in jewelry, home decorations and wearable art.

Right angle weave – This is one of my favorites which I use often in making ethnic style necklaces and bracelets. It is very versatile, can be a bit more time consuming, and uses more thread than other bead weaving. But I love the different effects which other bead embellishments can add to the finished product. This weaving style is also used in home decorations and clothing accessories.

Bead netting is best described as an open weave used in jewelry, edgings of clothing, and lately as lamp shade covers.

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