Beading, in all forms, has been a fun hobby for those younger and older alike for many years. There are so many projects out there for beading, it is hard to choose just one. The materials used in beading projects range from the plain and simple to elaborate and elegant. For as many people that are beading, there are more than that in beading materials. Whether you are just beginning in the beading world, or an old timer with several years of experience, there will be a project out there for you to do no matter what kind of budget you are on.

Designing Your First, or Next, Project

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a beading project. You can use every color you can find of real gems with even silver and gold. Of course there are many places where you can find patterns. But, even then, you don’t have to follow it point by point. Add your own flare to it by changing the bead styles that are used, or try a mixing of different colors. The easiest of projects to do are simple necklaces and bracelets. They are large enough for you to work easily with the materials without feeling like your fingers are cramped if you are just learning how to bead. Moving onto more complex projects will include pins, brooches, earrings, and chandelier necklaces. It is up to you to decide what your project will be and how it will reflect your creativity.

Types of Materials

Even for the most simple of projects you must have materials to begin with. You can even purchase a kit that will help get you started. If not, the very basics of what you will need are as follows: a type of thread, beads that you have chosen for your design, and some way to finish off the the piece which usually includes clasps. Threading can be many things such as different sizes of wire, multiple kinds of threads of all colors, and even yarn. Beads, you have a very wide range of choices. They can be glass, real or artificial gemstones, foil, ceramic and casting beads. There are also many types of clasps to choose from to give your piece of new jewelry a more finished look. The most common types of clasps are toggle, hook and eye, and lobster claw. A pair of craft needle nose pliers and wire cutters are also a must for more advanced projects.

How You Can Save Money on Projects

There are many ways you can save money on various beading projects. When you are just starting out, you do not need to begin with silver and gold materials. These can very quickly become very expensive very fast since wire is often sold by the inch or foot. Even accent pieces can add up fast. Also, for gemstones, start out with the synthetic stones. Nobody, except those with a very good eye, will be able to tell they are fake unless it is blatantly obvious. When you see those gaudy pieces of jewelry at the thrift store or garage sale, ask yourself if you could use parts of it in your next project. It is very easy to take pieces apart that you or somebody else is no longer using. Old coffee mug holders are perfect to display finished items on.

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