If you’re looking for fun Christmas beading ideas to add to the festive look to your home this December 25, then keep reading and we’ll outline five Christmas projects you can try!

1 – Candy Canes – Simple and attractive, you don’t need much in the way of supplies to make these, and the designs are kid-friendly to boot! They make great decorations for your Christmas tree!

2 – Christmas Trees – Little miniature trees can be made quickly and easily, with or without “decorations” (you could use multi-colored glass beads sewn around the tree design in different locations for a beautiful effect!). Another kid-friendly design!

3 – Wreaths – Similar to the tree design, above, but a bit more complex. Buy several shades of green seed beads to create shadow and texture in your pieces, and highlight with red bits of holly.

4 – Angels – A moderately more difficult piece, the easiest patterns to work with display angels in profile. Buy different shades of white, silver, and gray to create a dimensional effect in your pieces. These look great on the tree!

5 – Snowflakes – Of all the beading ideas mentioned here, the snowflake pattern is the hardest one to get right. This is definitely not a pattern that small children could help with, as these can get quite complex. They make among the most beautiful and striking decorations on the tree, however, and if you’ve got the skill level and patience for it, you will be well rewarded for your efforts!

As you can see from just the five ideas above, there are all kinds of fun holiday beading ideas you can sink your teeth into, and this list just barely scratches the surface!

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