It is a disappointment for most designers and any creative person when they run out of ideas for their projects. I’m sure all of us are acquainted with the term’writer’s block’, implying that a writer will find it hard to think about something new to pen or to end off something that they are already writing.

Well for beaders out there we have what we call ‘beader’s block’ too. This occurs when for some reason you simply can’t think about a new idea or design for your beadwork or you have no clue as to how to finish a pattern that you have already started. Let’s try to look at some things we can do to help get over this. A handy place to start is working out where you currently are. What are the things and materials that you already have at your disposal? What types and colors of beads are in your drawers and containers? Occasionally the easy act of having a look at these beads is sufficient to get your creative juices flowing.

Psychologists say that mind block is common when you’re in an environment of disarray and confusion so naturally the first way to try and combat this is to keep yourself organized. The brain is a dynamic organ and extraordinarily capable of multi-tasking so you may not even notice it coming up with new ideas while you are in the act of organizing.

All this fixing and shelving of your materials will get you beat at the end of it so it’s good to find some time off for yourself. When your brain is tired you will not get to do much and it will feel just like you are overworking it. Resting is also a good time to allow your brain to process the ideas that it developed in the organizing exercise. How does one sometimes spend your relaxation time? Do you read, visit a mate, or walk around? Give your consciousness some time off from the entire beading activity and let it ramble on to other subjects. When you get back to pondering beads your brain will be very refreshed and freed from old, tired ideas.

When you believe you are rested enough, look through some old material about beading. Do you have mags and books lying around? Or perhaps you can look through some websites on the internet. The rest period you had before this will permit you to take a look at these with a new eye and perspective no matter how old the mag or book is. Still try and keep that atmosphere of relaxation by cozying up on a chair or drinking your favorite relaxing drink.

Don’t try and scrutinize every design you see. Just let your brain call out to you when it sees something that ignites your interest. Appreciate the designs instead of trying to analyze them. Ultimately, visit some craft stores and other stores where art abounds. Art isn’t constricted to a single sort of form so even those that are not related to beading might give you that idea you need. When you’re prepared to start thinking about ideas again, sit down and write down all of the new ideas that are certain to be flowing in your head by now. Don’t be afraid to try anything at this time.

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