One challenge faced by many hobbyists who want to turn their beading projects profitable lies in producing your designs in sufficient quantity to produce sustainable profits. This is especially true if your preference for beading projects runs to necklace/bracelet making, as these typically take longer to produce. This article will focus on things you can do to maximize your productivity, and thus, your profit potential.

The first, best thing you can do to boost your productivity is not to go overboard with the number of bead craft designs you want to offer. So many bead crafters want to undertake dozens of different beading projects in order to produce a staggering array of choices for their customers, and while that is commendable, it gets increasingly more difficult to stay organized, the more bead craft projects you have “on the table.” Best to start with no more than 4-6 designs and slowly introduce more as your level of success increases.

From a pure production standpoint, if you’re making necklaces and or bracelets, few things will help your speed more than a bead tray. At under ten dollars, this is simply a must have! It greatly simplifies the bead craft process as you can completely lay out all the materials for your beading project, double check to ensure everything is how you want it, and then it’s literally as simple as picking up the already organized pieces and stringing them together.

If you have children and or an understanding, helpful spouse, these can be enlisted to assist with the production of your various beading projects. Even one “bead night” a week can dramatically enhance your total output.

Likewise, if you have a neighbor or friends who want to learn the art of bead craft, offer to teach them in exchange for a couple hours a week assisting with your for profit beading projects.

If you have an established line of profitable bead craft projects and you’re finding it difficult to keep up with demand, you may want to consider putting feelers out for “contract beaders.” As around to see if anyone might be interested in executing some bead craft projects for you in exchange for half the profits for the items they produce. If you find yourself balking at this idea, remember that Michelangelo didn’t produce his vast body of work himself. He had dozens and often scores of apprentices working under him, and he would merely supervise the work. His vision, brought to life with the helping hands of others, and you can make use of that very same principle in your for profit bead craft projects.

There are a number of ways you can increase productivity when it comes to your bead craft projects. Some things you can do entirely on your own, but don’t be afraid to ask for, or even pay for help if you find yourself unable to keep pace with demand. Remember, if your goal is to create a line of profitable bead craft projects and you find yourself in the position of having to seek help, this is a happy dilemma!

To learn more about this and related topics, see Bead Craft. Chris Hartpence and his wife, Christina, live in a small seaside town in South Carolina. Both are lifelong artists and diehard do it yourselfers.

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