Free Beading Projects

There are a staggering number of  free beading projects you can sink your teeth into.  Truly, the only limiting factors are your time and imagination.  Below, we’ll outline some of the more common/popular beadwork projects we’ve run across, and some of these beading projects, we’ll devote additional time and space to on other pages as this site continues to develop!

Beading Projects - Matched Set

Hand Crafted Necklaces

Of all the beading projects on the page, this is probably the most popular, and the one where most folks get their start.  Creating a hand crafted necklace can be as simple or as complex as you care to make it.  There are any number of styles and designs you could try, ranging from simple elegance to zany extravagance.  The simpler designs could easily be completed in a single evening, while the more complex might take you several days to execute.  We have step by step instructions on how to get started on these types of projects in the article entitled Jewelry Making Instructions.

Handmade Bracelets

Another of the most popular beading projects, a complimentary (or standalone) bracelet should be no problem to knock out.  Then again, the time needed to complete the particular beadwork projects you have in mind will depend in no small degree upon their  complexity.  Especially for necklace/bracelet projects, you might want to take a look at the article entitled Unusual Jewelry for ideas.

Hand Crafted Earrings

Rounding out the three most popular beading projects, these are (generally) no great difficulty to produce, especially if your goal is simply to accentuate colors or patterns you’ve already established via some other project (necklace and/or bracelet).  However, as with anything, earring designs can be as large and complex as you wish, just bear in mind the tender earlobes of the wearer!  Oftentimes, especially if a simple accent is all that is desired, these can be crafted in mere minutes.

Ceiling Fan Pull Chains

One of a handful of often overlooked beading projects, this little addition can add style and accent to most any room, and they have the advantage of being very quickly made.  If you’re looking for a niche product to sell, this and similar beading projects can be quite appealing, because you can produce several in a single day.

Beading Projects - Bookmark


Another of the beading projects that lends itself well to turning the hobby profitable, again because they’re relatively fast to produce and have a good resale value.  A quick trip to your local Borders or Barnes and Noble will reveal that designer bookmarks sell for $7 – $10 each, or more!  And the products that the bookstores are selling are typically made with cheap plastic or glass beads.

You can see “live” examples of most of these projects by visiting Christina’s online store, “Creativisms


For information on how you can turn your chosen beading projects into money makers, see the section on Beadwork Business Secrets.

If you’re looking for ideas that go beyond these, head over to More Beading Ideas for a look there, and if you’re a beginner, and are a bit daunted by all the choices, then begin with the articles on How to Bead and Jewelry Making Instructions.

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