If you’re interested in beadwork, one of the first questions that might spring to mind is where you can order a supply of beads online. Fortunately, there are a number of reputable online vendors, but before you race to find them, it is worth taking a moment to consider the advantages and disadvantages of ordering beads online.

The main advantage to ordering beads online is, of course, convenience . From the comfort of your chair, you can browse a staggering array of selections, drop what you want into your shopping cart, and with the touch of a button, they’re on their way to you, quick and painless, but there are two disadvantages to ordering this way.

First is shipping cost . You can avoid these altogether and get a better deal if you frequent your local brick and mortar shop. Of course, some vendors of beads online offer free shipping if you order over a certain dollar amount. Always look for deals like this is buying via the ‘net.

The second main disadvantage is the fact that bead craft is a tactile hobby. When shopping for beads, part of the fun is getting to reach out and touch them. The way most brick and mortar shops are laid out, the beads are out in the open and on display, encouraging this hands on approach. You simply don’t get that when ordering beads online.

My recommendation would be this:

If you have a brick and mortar bead shop in your area, check them out first.

If you don’t have a store in your area specializing in bead craft and beading supplies, then check out some chain stores to see what’s available (Michael’s is a good source, and even Wal-Mart’s craft section has some beading supplies). Once you have exhausted the options of the local shops, then turn your attention to buying beads online.

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