Making your Beading Ideas and Beading Projects Pay!

Recently, in looking for new beadwork topics to further expand this site, I happened across Kameron Kay’s “Jewelry Selling Secrets,” and I’m glad I did! Having had the opportunity to read and evaluate the product and speak with Ms. Kay personally, I’m happy to recommend it. Simply put, if you’re looking to turn your beadwork hobby into an income producing enterprise, you need to buy this program!

I found the information contained within her course to be well written and succinct, and most importantly, thorough! Ms. Kay focuses primarily on a strategy of boutique placement (physical stores) more than ‘net selling, though there is a section in her materials that cover this aspect as well. She walks you through the process (and it can feel like a bit of a minefield without the benefit of a seasoned guide!) step by step, even covering details such as “how to get started legally” (a discussion on business licenses—sole proprietorships vs. LLC’s, etc.). You’ll also learn how to properly price your beadwork and other jewelry, and included in these materials are a variety of pricing strategies you’ll want to consider when marking up your work.

While the information above is valuable, it’s really just the tip of the iceberg! A continued reading of her materials will introduce you to tips on reducing or outright eliminating your competition, and important lessons on securing “prime in-store real estate” for displaying your wares. Included in this section of the materials is an invaluable “Top 10 Questions” to ask of shop owners, and an outline of the basic research you should be doing before you make that all important (and very nerve wracking) first contact! The information in this section will set you apart from your competition and dramatically increase your chances of success!

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Additionally, you’ll be treated to sections on studying your market, getting a handle on demographics and understanding exactly who it is you’re selling to, which is hugely important but something that many, if not most designers feel a bit intimidated and overwhelmed by, but you don’t need to with Kameron Kay on your side!

Further, you’ll find loads of tips on such topics as tagging, packaging, presentation, and upkeep/maintenance, the importance of creating your image and backstory, and even a fully outlined ordering and inventory tracking system…this lady doesn’t miss a trick!

If that wasn’t enough, your next stop is design philosophy, with specific examples of unique ideas you can use to really set yourself apart from the crowd, but she’s still not done!

From there, you’ll pick up important information on photographing your beadwork or other jewelry (either to create a portfolio or website), tips on outsourcing (with specific focus on outsourcing the often daunting job of pitching your products!), and presentation methods!

For the absolute beginner, there’s a section on the various beadwork and other supplies you’ll need, and important tips on where to get the things you’ll need (more about this in the “bonuses” section, below), and finally, the main body of work ends with a truly excellent section on advertising and PR. All the information is really well laid out and presented, but this section outshines the rest, in my opinion, and you can tell that Ms. Kay really knows her material!

Standing on its own, the main guidebook would be worth the selling price, but what makes this a truly exceptional deal are the bonuses offered.

The bonuses fall into four categories, outlined below:

1) Audio/Video Resources – An extensive interview between Ms. Kameron and well known affiliate marketer Jay Flanagan (two parts, nearly two hours), and video tutorials that walk you through the jewelry making process, step by step!

2) The One Hour Jewelry Website – Lays out the basics you’ll need in order to have an effective, fully functional site, specifically devoted to the task of selling jewelry. While I’ve no doubt that you can get the basics up and running in about the timeframe specified by the title of this bonus, you should always remember that websites are never really “finished.” Still, using this guide, you can have something up and running in very short order, and that’s the most important bit.

3) Supplier Sources – There are two of these, the “Big Book,” and the “Asian Sources.” With both at your disposal, you’ll be able to find absolutely everything you will ever need, and probably more things than you could use in an entire lifetime devoted to making jewelry, beadwork or otherwise!

4) Support – I saved the best for last. In addition to getting all of the above, perhaps the most important bonus of all is the support you have available in the form of Kameron’s exclusive community. There are a lot of people out there who will gladly take your money, never to be heard from again, but there are only a few who will make themselves available via a private community like this, and I’m proud to say that Kameron is one of those exceptional few.

Any one of these would be worth the asking price, to say nothing of the core material itself, but taken together it’s a bargain indeed, and when you factor in the 8-Week Money Back Guarantee, it’s just simply a no-brainer. If you’re serious about making money with your beadwork, you need to buy Kameron Kay’s Jewelry Selling Secrets. In two words, I was blown away, and am happy to recommend her course to anyone here on the beadwork site.