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Free Beading Patterns

Free beading patterns abound on the World Wide Web. Just type in that phrase and you can find a ton of patterns. And I am not just talking jewelry either. There are a whole host of items out there that can be made or embellished with beads!

I would guess that most of us on line, searching for free beading patterns are searching for something jewelry related. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. Jewelry in and of itself is a huge category from which to work from. There are free beading patterns for necklaces, earrings, and even rings for your fingers can be made from beads.

Don’t think, since you may be new at this, that a pattern is going to be over your head. Tons of the patterns out there are to teach and learn from. And in using your own beads, of various sizes and colors, you can work from a pattern and still create something that is unique even on your first try. That said, do not think that because you may have been doing this for years, that patterns have nothing left to offer you. Granted, you may have to look harder and longer, but people love to share what they have learned, and you may be surprised to find a new knot technique or bead combination that you simply hadn’t seen or thought of on your own.

Beads can be seen all throughout history decorating every sort of item. Don’t limit yourself just to thinking of traditional jewelry. Free beading patterns are out there for creating a simple bookmark, to making a complete handbag. You need to keep in mind your skill level, time available, and budget. Yes, you may find free beading patterns but that doesn’t mean you will find a bunch of free materials. Chances are you won’t; though with some digging you can find some good deals. And if tackling something large, like a hand bag, most places discount for buying things in bulk. That said, if you are sticking to something simple, like a chain for reading glasses, you may want to make several in an attempt to sell them or for long Christmas list. So buying in bulk may work even for more simple pieces.

Beads can make up a complete object or just add some flare. Like jewelry adds flare to your outfit, so to can beads add flare to many other things. Such as, you can add beads to the bottom of a lamp shade to add a little sparkle to the room. You can also achieve a little atmosphere by making a beaded votive cover. You can find tons of free beading patterns for making adornments for bottles or wine glasses, so your guests always know which glass is theirs. Get a little spunky and make some beaded fan pulls. A great gift idea and big seller, especially here in the south, cause we do love our ceiling fans! If you are feeling really creative you could even make beaded plant hangers. The list is truly endless. You could get lost for hours, just surfing the net on the simple search phrase ‘free beading patterns’.

You can also be the one offering those free beading patterns to others. You may have been sitting there one day, playing around with a new necklace idea or key fob configuration, and discovered something you thought wonderful and unique. Share it with others. People get so caught up with ‘I made, it. It is mine. I want all the credit’, but as artists we grow most when we share. So post what you learned online, offer it up for free, and see what the people of the world do with it.

Forums are a great online medium for sharing ideas. Look around online and find one that suits you. There are those that cost money to join, but there are free ones too, you just have to take the time to search around. We can learn so much from our peers, there is little else that is better that that as a teaching tool.

So whether you are just starting out, or have been at beading for a while, take a look around on line at all the free beading patterns out there. You are more likely to get overwhelmed with ideas than you are not to find anything that suits you. So jump in. You will be here awhile!

Christmas Craft Ideas For The Whole Family

When it comes to the holiday season lot of people start looking for Christmas craft ideas. There is something about spending time making your own decorations, food or sewing holiday themed napkins that add to the excitement of the whole occasion.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an accomplished seamstress or someone who is new to the whole world of crafts, you can find projects to suit your talents. You may even develop creative talents you never knew you had. The holiday season can become quite stressful with people the world over putting themselves and their families under pressure to be perfect. The house must look fantastic, the presents and food have to be bought in time etc. This can take the enjoyment out of the festive season.

Taking some time out to concentrate on your Christmas crafts can achieve a couple of objectives. If you include your kids, it can force you to spend time with them which is what the holiday season should be about. It will also make you find time to sit down and relax for a while as you figure out what to do next or what stage you were at in a pattern. You may think that all this work is too much on top of everything else you have to do but most people find it therapeutic. It will also give you a real sense of achievement when you wake up on Christmas morning and are able to show off the fruits of your labor to your family and friends.

Finding Christmas crafts for adults

Christmas crafts for adults come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you look at old pictures of American Christmases in the 19th century you will see pictures of trees decorated with Robins, cones full of candy, miniature stockings and often miniature furniture and musical instruments. You can find patterns to make all of these decorations if you would like to decorate your tree with an old fashioned theme. If the man of the house is handy at DIY, why not ask him to make some miniature wooden pieces for the tree while you work on ribbons and other decorations. To complete the look, you could even buy fairy lights that look like candles but are a lot safer.

If you like sewing you could make a number of miniatures Christmas stockings and fill them with holiday scented flowers or potpourri. These would make lovely novelty gifts for family and friends. If you are not yet an accomplished sewer but love the idea of making your own Christmas stockings, why not buy one of the many felt stocking kits on sale. The Bucilla Christmas stocking kits are always very popular and something that you and the kids could do together.

Other Christmas craft ideas for kids

There are loads of Christmas craft ideas for kids. If you are stuck for ideas, a trip to your local library would provide you with more information than you would ever need. For example, you could make your own Christmas crackers. All you would need is some colored tissue paper and some silver or gold colored thin ribbon. Kids love to glue things so would have a great time sticking on the paper and motifs. They could choose what small novelty items could go inside the crackers and what colors they should be decorated with. Add in some felt pens and glitter glue and you should be greeted with the sound of silence as they get tucked into their work.

Other Christmas crafts for children include getting them involved with decorating the cake. You can do the main part of the icing and have the younger children add on the extras. For example if you have a Christmas tree on your cake, they could add silver balls as the decoration. If you have a snowman, depending on their age they could draw on his hat, gloves and scarf using different colored icing.

You could make a traditional Christmas wreath together although it is best not to involve very young children. They have a habit of putting things in their mouth and the shiny red holly berries may prove too attractive. You will need to leave making the wreathe until as close to Christmas as you can as otherwise the Holly will die and lose its lush green color.

There are so many Christmas craft ideas, the problem isn’t finding the ones you want to do but finding the time to do them all may be a challenge.

Looking for Kids Craft Ideas, Free?

It can be hard to know which kids craft ideas to try out. As any parent knows, keeping kids amused for hours at a time is a difficult if not impossible task. It is much easier to pick different activities and spend a little bit of time on each. Thus, finding good kids craft ideas, free can be a godsend, because of the relatively short attention spans of your little ones.

Kids of all ages but younger children in particular love working with salt dough. Thankfully it is cheap and easy to make and it isn’t full of potentially harmful substances making it almost perfect for your family fun. The only issue you may have with this dough is the fact it often falls on the floor and so may be walked through your home. The quick solution to this is to put down newspaper or a plastic mat underneath the table your children are working on. This will also make tidy up time much easier.

There is a lot of history of modeling with salt dough throughout the world from the ancient Egyptians to South American civilizations. The Germans thought of adding salt to the dough to prevent the mice from nibbling on their creations. You will be amazed at what you can create from two cups of all purpose flour, one cup of salt and some tepid water. Mix the ingredients together and knead the mixture as you would for bread. Use a pastry roller to flatten the dough. You can use any pastry molds or cutters you have in your kitchen or you can buy kids molds at toy shops. This dough doesn’t keep so you need to use it preferably on the day it is made or at the latest the next day.

You need to bake the items in a cool oven otherwise they will crack. Once baked, your kids can paint their creations with watercolors or acrylics depending on their age. If you want the piece to last, you will need to protect it with several coats of varnish. Salt dough modeling is popular with adults too so this craft which started as a childhood entertainment could turn into a lifetime hobby.

Kids craft ideas can include sewing, knitting or other forms of needlework. You can buy various kits suitable for the age of the child. Children will get a real sense of satisfaction from producing something they made themselves. A needlework picture can be framed to hang on the wall. If they make a cuddly toy such as a rag doll, it can sit on their pillow or perhaps on a shelf in their bedroom.

If you are handy with a sewing machine, you can make up some finger puppets for younger kids and then let them glue the finishing touches to the material. For example they can add beads for the eyes or wool for the hair. Cotton wool makes good beards, handy to know if it is Santa Claus you are making.

Kids love to play with beads although it is not a suitable craft for younger children unless they are closely supervised. The temptation to taste the beads will probably prove too much for them. It is not unknown for them to put the beads in their ears or up their nose which can mean a visit to the ER. You can buy large plastic beads for younger ones to make their own jewelry. Young boys will enjoy this activity but older ones probably wont be interested. Older girls will want something more adventurous. You can find plenty of seed beads in different colors and materials to keep them amused for hours.
If you want to make your own beads, you can model them from the salt dough described above. Or you may choose to make them from paper like they did in the 1930′s. You will need colored magazine pages and some PVA glue. If your kids can handle a scissors they will need to cut out strips of paper which should start off wide and taper to a narrower finish. Starting with the wide end, they will then roll the paper tightly around a pencil using the glue to bind it together. Once you have reached the end of the paper, you can take the bead off the pencil and transfer it onto twine. You will need to paint the paper beads with varnish to seal them and leave them to dry. Use a length of cord or suede material to make the necklace and when the beads are dry, transfer them to this. You can tie the necklace with a simple knot but don’t make them too tight.

Beaded bracelets and necklaces can be quite a fashion statement when you are a ten year old girl. If they are really creative, they may just make pieces good enough for Mom or older sisters to wear as well. They could sell their creations as a way to increase their pocket money. Who would have known that kids craft ideas could turn into a business idea!

Beading is an entertaining past-time as well as a good opportunity for making a profit. However that’s not all you can get if you are having fun when bead making. More artist are now putting up their own bead making tutorials for probably interested folks in learning how to bead, and in truth bead making tutorials are very much in demand today. All classes do not need to be for experienced jewelers, having classes like the best way to make a button bracelet can be directed to young children on holiday.

There are many reasons why many people would prefer to undergo bead making tutorials such as : some folks are afraid to waste their investment in buying supplies and materials until they’ve tried doing it, others want their bead making ability to be added in their repertoire, and some use bead making tutorials as a type of socializing while creating beautiful pieces of jewelries that they can wear.

This kind of business can keep money coming in especially when it’s not a good time for sales of your jewelry products. You can also set your schedule for those months of the year that you aren’t so busy in selling your jewelry items at shows.

If you are puzzling over where to put up a beading tutorial class, think about your own studio, if you have enough space for a number of scholars. You can also try local art craft shops. There are some instructors that teach bead making at active retirement communities, at faculties or maybe for home schooling groups. You may use your time teaching during birthday parties, gatherings for woman’s club, lapidary clubs, in community varsities, and in some parks where you can hang around with your scholars.

You may also sell different kits of jewelry that your student can use during the tutorials. This is an alternative way of moving your business forward in another aspects. However don’t bring too many materials and supplies for your scholars to choose from, it’ll take time for the student to pick materials and supplies if there are too many varied items available. The tutorial will be way easier to learn if you will just provide easy kinds of kits that contain all parts to make a specific jewelry. You can offer different types of bead craft hobbies and have separate kits for each class included in the price .

Remember, the more bead making help texts you may teach, the more folks would expect you to teach them. Your teaching opportunities don’t stop there, not only are your scholars learning, you your self are learning too, because you also need to study what other systems, styles, and designs you may get ready for them.

If you do intend to start offering classes it’s critical to learn safety tips in jewelry making and to coach your students early on the importance of safety. You don’t want somebody hurting themselves badly as that might be disastrous for your business and give you a bad reputation.

If you need help with your jewelry business then our jewelry software is guaranteed to get your business organized. We also have jewelry business tools and a free jewelry book all designed to help you get the most out of your jewelry business.

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Many adults cringe at the thought of craft projects for kids. Their concerns may include a lack of confidence in their creative abilities and skills, worries about what to choose for a craft project or belief that crafts are complicated and expensive. All of this is far from true. Want to know how to do an easy and stress free craft with kids? Just follow these steps. Take the time for preparation, have a craft free-for-all and don’t forget the clean up.

Preparation – Set Up Your Craft Cupboard.

Setting up your craft supplies ahead of time will make each arts and crafts project a breeze. Purchase your supplies ahead of time. Dollar stores, lawn sales, your recycling bins, and junk drawers are among the great resources for craft supplies and containers

Keep your supplies in labeled bins that have tops so you can stack the containers when you store them. Containers can be found inexpensively. Plastic shoe boxes can be as inexpensive as a dollar a piece. Also, check your recycle bin. Cardboard shoe boxes, plastic deli containers, tin cans and Styrofoam containers are all great for storing your supplies.

When storing your supplies, box like items together. Your categories can be general such as glues and adhesives, beads and gems, nature materials, foam supplies, etc., or you can label by project categories such as paper crafts, bead crafts, Christmas crafts, etc. Label each container with the items that are inside. File folder labels are inexpensive and can be run through your printer for easy to read labels.

With all of this done, you will need to store your supplies. Where you store them depends on the where you do your crafting, the amount of access your want your kids to have to the supplies, and the amount of supplies you have. Keep supplies close to where you will be crafting or you will be spending too much time getting them out. In addition, consider if you want to your kids to have free access to the supplies. For younger children, free access to paints and scissors without adult supervision is not a good idea. Store them where they cannot be reached or lock them in a cabinet. Consider the amount of supplies you have. A small amount can be placed in a drawer or a cupboard while a large amount of supplies may need their own cabinet or closet shelf. Places to consider include kitchen cabinets or china cabinets, the top of your fridge, a closet, an unused dresser, a bookcase, or a cupboard with doors.

Craft Free-for-All

Kids do not need instructions or patterns to make great crafts. Forget the end product and focus on the process. Sit the kids at a table with craft materials from your craft cupboard, recycling bin, junk drawers, etc. then step back and watch the magic. The creativity and flexibility in the thinking of children when they sit in front of a pile of raw materials will never ceases to amaze you. Make sure you join in the fun as well.

Clean Up!

I can hear the kids moaning now but clean up is essential. Taking the time to put the craft supplies back into their proper containers will make it easier to find them next time, leave more time for the actual craft project and decrease stress for both the children and adults. Plan the time for clean up into your craft project. If you have thirty minutes for your crafting time, quit with five minutes left for clean up. Setting a timer will assure everyone knows when clean up begins.

Give each child specific task to make the clean-up less overwhelming. Giving specific directions will make the task less daunting to the child. Use instructions such as, “Your job is to put all of the paints into the paint container,” or “Your first job will be to collect all of the loose beads and put them into the bag.” Allowing the child to escape this part of the craft project will fail to teach them to clean up after themselves and create resentment in those who have to do the clean-up.

Hopefully the information provided here will take the fear out of providing craft projects for kids. When you take the time to prep for the craft, make the project fun and easy, and remember the clean up, you will be enriching your child with a lifetime of great memories and skills for the future.

For more fun and inexpensive craft ideas, visit:

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Are you looking for ways to keep your kids busy during their summer holidays? Keep them creatively entertained for hours with these easy, yet engaging craft activities:

1. Painting Rocks: Your kids will love staying outdoors in your garden or backyard busy painting rocks of garden stones. Supply them with acrylic paints and brushes and let them use their own creative ideas. They could either paint little objects and scenes on larger rocks or paint smaller stones in single or multi colors.

2. Photo Frames: Photo frames can be made and/or decorated in many different ways. Ask kids to choose their favorite summer photos to be framed and supply them with plain plastic or wooden frames. Now ask them to embellish each frame with a theme that matches the photograph. A picture taken on the beach can be displayed in a frame embellished with sand and seashells. A birthday photo can have a frame embellished with birthday clipart, cutouts or stickers.

3. Wrapping Paper: Let your kids make different types of wrapping for use throughout the year to wrap presents for their friends’ and teachers’ birthdays. Give them paint and different household supplies that create various patterns on paper. For e.g. sponge, cut vegetables, carved buttons, jar lids etc. They can also make and store some for Christmas.

4. Bead Crafts: Assorted beads in different colors, shapes and sizes make for interesting craft supplies. Kids can create themed jewelry, bead art, pins and little decorations by stringing beads on to wire and then bending wire to create shapes.

5. Playdough: Homemade playdough is one of the oldest and still the most effective of keeping kids busy. Give the kids a ‘summer project’ to complete before the day ends in which they can make a summer scene or a number of summer themed objects.

Giving these crafts a ‘summer’ theme will not only give the projects an interesting twist, but it will also make your kids enjoy the season and wait for it to arrive soon next year!

For many more crafts for kids, homemade gift ideas and free craft projects, visit

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Making your own beaded cards is a rewarding and fun bead project. Have you been to the bookstore and searched for the card that’s just right for a special occasion, but it’s just not there? There’s an easy solution of course, and that is to make your own.

If, like me, you enjoy bead craft even just adding beads to the ordinary card you find on the shelves can be a quick solution.

There are certain materials you need for your bead project cards, starting with heavy quality paper or card. This can be purchased in many color ranges and can be embossed or patterned. And what is a craft without glue and scissors? These are necessary items for any project. Adhesives available are: glue stick, glue dots, double-sided adhesive tape or adhesive foam pads.

If you are new to beading it won’t be long before you find yourself looking for beads of different sizes and shapes – it’s very addictive. Why not use buttons and bows for your design? If you’re like me and hate to throw things away, that ‘may be useful one day’ item could be just the right thing for your project. You’ve no doubt got a box of old buttons lurking in your sewing box. These can make useful additions to your greeting card too.

Make a collage of different fabrics, stitch them with running stitch in different colors and place beads throughout the design for interest. There are many fabrics you can use such as pieces of old curtain, off-cuts of lace etc. While beads can be glued to your cards you can make small items such as hearts, wedding cake, bell, crown, a vase and so on. Make these small decorations with beads and 28-gauge wire. Attach these to the card with one of the adhesives.

Making beaded cards are your own little masterpieces of art. Have fun coming up with ideas and enjoy the delight on the recipient’s face…it’s sure to stay on the mantelpiece longer than most!

Margie Bell finds beading a satisfying craft and enjoys sharing her passion with others. You can find more ideas at Bead Projects.

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Beading is said to be the most favorite hobby of many people today. Some of them are just doing it as a past time, and some take it as a professional way of building a business. There are various forms of beading which includes seed beading and tapestry beading. The great thing about tapestry beading is that you can include many different types of beads into your creation to give different effects. If you do fimo bead making or make your own handmade glass beads then you can use these or you can buy what you need online or at the local craft shop.

Textile looms is one of the many bead weaving in the history. Here, various techniques are used to produce cloth, and the equipment to use to create beautiful bead work is the bead loom. The bead loom is one of the most common pieces of equipment used by bead workers while enjoying their beads to create beautiful masterpieces.

Before you start beading and using a bead/textile loom, it is important to know the exact usage of it. The bead loom has to be very substantial so that you can work comfortably with support that you must have in working with various patterns and designs. In general, the common bead looms are rectangular or square in shape and has some kind of raised grooves and hooks. You can find bead loom’s of assortment styles in the market. The price of each bead loom varies according to their styles. The wooden one are quite expensive, but this is the most durable and sturdy kind of bead loom for you. Do not compromise on the quality if you want to experience more enjoyable work with this craft.

It is highly recommended for beginners to start with an easy task first. Using a bead loom for comparatively bigger beads is a lot easier for you to create an outstanding design. Choose size 6 or 7 beads if it is just your first time.

Now, in working with bead looms, you have to be careful when choosing the needle for weaving the beads. Make sure that the size of your needle is always much less than the size of the bead hole so that it will easily pass through every bead you’re working with. Place the beads at a comfortable distance in a bowl for you to easily pick them up.

After doing a few practice projects using a loom, you can explore and experiment with different styles and techniques in making your handmade beaded items. Your beading craft is more fun to do using a bead loom. Just make sure you’re doing it the right way. Once you are able to make some great pieces you can add this to your other jewelry making designs and could consider setting up your online jewelry store to sell your pieces along with other places that you normally showcase you jewelry.

Need some help to organize your jewelry business; our beaded jewelry software is guaranteed to help you with that. Free things that can also help you improve your jewelry business are our beaded jewelry articles and free jewelry books.

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Beading is a great creative hobby that is suitable for people of all ages. You can also make beautiful and unique creations for yourself, family, friends and loved ones.

Young children love to make beaded bracelets and necklaces. There are also beading kits that are catered for children to learn the craft of beading. Adults who love working with beads can also make a living selling their creative bead work at fairs, online, and opening their own trendy bead boutiques.

Here is how you can get started with this wonderful craft.

The first step would be to find a good local bead shop with good advice of experienced staff. There are also online catalogs and websites that provide great information and sell all sort of the supplies and tools required.

Some stores would also offer beginners’ classes that would help you to learn basic techniques. Some even offer packaged starter kits that may include a beading board, tools, beads, wire, findings, books, etc.

Start with a simple project such as a basic bracelet or necklace, without using too expensive beads and findings. You can use Swarovski crystal, sterling silver and semi-precious beads at a later stage.

To sell more items, you can also consider expanding your bead work to more items than just jewelry. One area that is gaining popularity is bead work on household items. You can add beads to table cloths, lamp shades, or comforters. Beads can really liven up any household piece that you have.

You can also work on seasonal projects, like Christmas bead work for jewelry or household items. Many people are interested in decorating their house during this and other holiday periods and will be more keen to purchase beaded craft.

The only limitation with bead work is your own imagination. Happy beading!

Terence is the owner of To find out more, you can click here. To get more info on tips to help you bead better for the next 24 hours, click here now.

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Beading is a great craft activity that is fun for people of all ages. Children as young as three or four years old love to make beaded bracelets and necklaces. You can even find beading kits that are specifically designed for children to learn the craft of bead working. For adults who love working with beads, many have found that they can make a decent living selling their creative bead work at fairs, online, and by opening their own bead shops.

Having fun while you work is something that many people try to find when they are looking for a career, so people who enjoy working with beads will really like the idea of making money while they are having fun with beads. Beads come in so many sizes and styles that there really is an infinite number of possibilities when making jewelry or other beaded items. You will never get bored if you like crafting with beads.

The most popular item to make with beads is jewelry. Children usually start out with large plastic type beads and make each other friendship bracelets and necklaces. At your local craft store you can usually find dozens of books available on different designs and patterns that you can use when making your jewelry projects. Plus the Internet is a vast resource of free information for bead working projects.

If you are working with beads and trying to sell your items you might want to consider expanding your bead work to more items than just jewelry. One area that is quickly gaining popularity is bead work on household items. You can add beads to table cloths, seat covers, lamp shades, or comforters. The only limitation with bead work is your own imagination. Beads can really liven up any household piece that you have.

You can also work on projects that are season specific. Like Christmas bead work for jewelry or household items. Many people are interested in updating their house during this and other holiday periods and will be more likely to make a first purchase of a beaded craft.

A very new and quickly growing way to use beads is by making flowers with them. With this technique the beads are intertwined and made to look like a gorgeous flower. The French Beaded Flower technique takes a little practice, but after it is accomplished you will be able to market a very unique form of bead work that very few others are able to do.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to make some extra money or just doing bead work for fun, working with a variety of beautiful beads is a great way to spend your time and will bring joy to people of all ages.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as glass beads at

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