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Jewelry design is an enormously broad term. In the modern age, most anything you can wear can be deemed jewelry. When you are just starting out, just sitting down for the first time seriously thinking about making your own jewelry you should take a good look around.

Look around at what is already out there. What style things you do you like, and not like? What sort of materials do you find yourself drawn too? What sort of budget do you have to work in, and how much time to devote to this new endeavor? Just the few things I have listed here don’t narrow the field down much. Millions of ideas can still be created even when you answer the above questions.

If this is your first time considering a hobby or career in jewelry design, then you may be feeling overwhelmed by the endless possibilities. I would recommend learning from others. Go online and find some beginners patterns. Get yourself comfortable with some of the different mediums out there and the tools you will be using. Even if using a pattern, you can chose different color and sizes of beads you make the piece your own.

Once you are comfortable with some of the different techniques out there and are ready to strike out with a jewelry design of your own you may not know where to start. I suggest in your closet.

Chose one of your favorite outfits. Of course color is going to jump out at you first. Make note of not just the most prominent color, but the softer, less used colors as well. Often highlighting those less used colors can make all the difference. What kind of outfit is it? Sassy and playful, regal and dignified, calm and casual? The materials you use can accent that aspect of the outfit as well. Make note of the neck line. Is it high, maybe needing a very long necklace to be accented by long dangling earrings? Maybe it has a plunging neckline that beckons for a necklace with a centerpiece to hang down in the V. Or just a casual rounded neck, calling for a shorter style necklace. Just one outfit can speak volumes to you.

Later, as you master yet more skills of jewelry design, you may start to notice you gravitate too many of the same things. Be that materials or colors. There is nothing wrong with that. Most of the great artists out there have a style. You can look at their jewelry or paintings and know that they did them before you see the name. It becomes your signature of sorts.

Maybe you live at the beach, like me, and you have the biggest market of shells you could ever want. Not only do you get free materials, but now you have a hook for your pieces. “Local artist making jewelry from local items. A true piece of the beach to take home with you.”

And don’t forget I mentioned colors too. The colors of the beach tend to be in pastels, reflecting the colors of the shells themselves. Blues and greens playing prominently in almost every aspect. And, being on the east coast myself, you can’t forget the stunning sunrises over the ocean; all those rich pinks and purples with a fiery orange.

So when you sit down and think jewelry design, don’t think you have to look far. Stick with what you know. There are endless possibilities all around you. From the places you go, to the people you meet, to the flowers in your garden. If you have kids, get them involved. Children see the world in a completely unique way, one we have forgotten as adults. They can open your eyes to things you had never considered before. They love color, so let them look through your stuff, arrange some things, and build off their ideas. Now, not only have you “gone to work” but you have spent quality time with your kids as well.

There is nothing in the realm of jewelry design you cannot do. So jump in and get started. There are no mistakes, for you learn something from everything you do. How many other fields can say as much?

It is fairly simple to sell your bead crafts for profit on a small scale, as you will likely give some of your creations away, have others on display around your home, or (in the case of jewelry) be wearing some of your favorite pieces out and about. As word gets out, it’s altogether possible that someone will ask you to undertake one or more beading projects for them. This kind of organic growth will produce occasional profits and leave you hungering for more, and while gleaning occasional profits for your hobby is relatively easy, it is significantly more difficult to take it to the next level and turn your hobby into a cottage industry.

I say this not to dissuade you from trying, but only to make clear that selling your bead work for profit on a regular basis is harder than you might think. As with anything worth doing, putting your hobby on a paying basis takes persistence and work. Having said that, if it’s something you’re interested in, I’ll walk you through some of the things you need to be thinking about in order do just that.

If you’re serious about making money with your hobby, the first, best thing you can do is not spread yourself too thin. Settle on 3-4 beading projects you can execute well and feel reasonably sure you can make a respectable profit at. Below, we’ll examine some of the more popular beading projects, and their suitability for your purposes.

Necklaces: Probably the most popular of the beading projects people attempt for profit, and also one of the most difficult to succeed at. If this is where your primary interest lies, then you should know that in order to succeed, you’ll really need to work at carving out a niche for yourself. Try to keep some common, underlying theme to your work. Stay consistent so that your portfolio has a similar “look and feel.” If simple elegance is what you do best, don’t stray far from that in your “for profit” beading projects. On the other hand, if your preference runs to zany, over the top designs, stick with that. Bear in mind that you’ll want to be able to produce your designs in quantity, so keep your patterns simple but unique. A tall order, but by studying the market, you should be able to find a niche.

Bracelets: A smaller market than necklaces, but these beading projects can still be a challenge to break into. One popular niche in the bracelet market is the “mother’s bracelet” A crowded market now, but if you have an innovative approach, that particular line of beading projects can be profitable indeed!

Earrings: Another fabulous line of beading projects, and this one lends itself nicely to profitability. Once you’ve perfected your designs, you can typically produce several pairs of earrings a day, and some capacity for mass production is essential to profitability. Again, however, earrings are a crowded market, so your beading projects will have to have some unique aspect to them in order for you to find profits.

There are other beading projects well suited to profitability, and those will be covered in part two of this article series. To learn more about this and related topics, see Bead Craft

Chris Hartpence and his wife, Christina, live in a small seaside town in South Carolina. Both are lifelong artists and die-hard do-it-yourselfers.

They jointly run the Bead Craft Ideas website, and can be reached at

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In the last article, we began with a discussion of the difficulties a hobbyist can face when attempting to make his/her bead craft hobby pay. The second half of that article focused on some of the more profitable and attractive projects out there if this is indeed your goal. In this article, we’ll continue our examination of the many possible directions your beading projects can take on your quest for profits.

Matched Sets: The upshot here, is that the field is somewhat less crowded and thus, easier to enter. It’s one thing to whip out a pair of earrings, but to create a matching ensemble is quite an undertaking. Definitely an advanced line of beading projects, even if the designs are relatively simple. On the plus side, you can generally charge a premium for matched sets, but this is balanced by the fact that they are slower to produce. If you want to make enough for sustainable profits, it is imperative that you streamline processes in your beading projects and keep your designs simple, yet original.

Ceiling Fan Pull Chains: A smaller, niche line of beading projects with good profit potential. Your market is smaller for these products than for jewelry, but there’s less competition. Even when using a complex design, these can be produced quickly. If your designs are innovative, you can carve out a highly profitable niche for yourself. A heartily recommended “for profit” line of beading projects!

Of course, settling on one or more projects to make the centerpiece of your “for profit” efforts is only part of the story. Once you have settled on the line of projects you want to pursue, create and perfect your initial designs and then make some inventory for yourself, your efforts will be for nothing if you don’t pay an immediate attention to marketing. A thing that many hobbyist forgets (or don’t realize) is that the best, most innovative line of beading projects on the planet is worthless without proper marketing. If no one knows your beading projects exist, no matter how much time you’ve invested in your beading projects, you will have little, if any success and certainly no sustainable profits.

This is one of the great frustrations of many hobbyists trying to make money with their beading projects. They have a “build it and they will come” mentality, and many put almost no effort into the marketing aspect of the craft.

Especially if you are just starting out, you can expect to spend as much (or more) of your time marketing as you will actually creating product. Your marketing efforts, like your bead craft projects, can be as simple or as complex as you care to make them, and can involve any combination of ‘net based, local exposure, and hand selling efforts. Again, like your projects, your marketing efforts don’t have to be perfect, but they do have to be sustained and focused!

Anyone with a bit of experience in bead craft can turn their beading projects profitable, but it takes a plan, persistence, and patience, and don’t forget marketing!

To learn more about this and related topics, see Bead Craft
Chris Hartpence and his wife, Christina, live in a small seaside town in South Carolina. Both are lifelong artists and die-hard do-it-yourselfers.

They jointly run the Bead Craft Ideas website, and can be reached at

Author: Chris Hartpence
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Imagine yourself learning how to make beaded necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, novelty charms, rings, and other jewelry adornments. Not only is this a fun hobby, but it brings personal beauty to your day.

Jewelry made with beads will open a beautiful world of tiny riches. Beads abound with many colors and brilliance. You will think the rainbow arched over your hobby work space.

What types of beads are used in beading jewelry?

Crystallized or glass beads

Acrylic or plastic



Polymer clay


Metals of silver, gold, platinum, copper, sterling silver, and bronze

Natural bone, teeth or horns of animals

Shells from the ocean or artificial molded mother of pearl

Wood and nut shells from trees

Gems of diamonds, sapphire, rubies, and emeralds.

Beads are available in these shapes:

Round, double cone, rondelle, square, seed, helix, cube, bugle, bicone, cone, shuttle, novelty shapes. e.g. hearts, stars, flowers and many more.

Beads are available in hundreds of colors and/or embossed with various designs which may be contemporary, traditional, folkloric and ethnic.

You will be able to combine colors in your jewelry designs which will create jewelry accessories unique to personalities and desired fashions.

Beads are fastened with wire, thread, cord, nylon stretch, and monofilament line.

Knowledge as to how to fasten these beads onto the various types of string materials that are available can be learned by simply downloading an instructional video on demand.The video will help you to instantly see how the beads can be threaded.

I have found that it is not enough to follow written directions. When you see the techniques that are utilized by the instructor; the added advantage is noting the ease or difficulties that are encountered. For example, you would not fasten heavy beads on stretch nylon. Light weight beads would be the better choice.

While viewing the instructor on the video and seeing the types of beads that are being used with the various threading materials, it will help with the appropriate selection of string medium for your bead selections.

I have followed written instructions on the packaging labels that are included with the chains, clasps, hooks, headpins, jump rings, and bead caps thinking that I can self teach or experiment with my own ideas as to finishing the necklace, bracelet, or earrings.

However, it is best to learn from an experienced instructor with proven tips and how to avoid mishaps. After you have learned the correct way of fastening, then expand your talents to improve a product or jewelry making technique. Sometimes it just is not worth reinventing the wheel.

Video on demand instructions can be repeated. This is a good thing because sometimes I thought I understood the instructions, discovered that I did not, and  can be corrected immediately. Or surprise, surprise, because I did repeat the video I see something differently and it opens new windows of ideas for new jewelry designs.

Now it is your turn to visualize yourself making and wearing these beautiful new designs made with your own hands for self or as wonderful jewelry pieces for friends and relatives as personalized gifts. Imagine how you will feel as you receive many compliments from your loved ones.

Tricia Deed invites you to visit the Jewelry Making Home-Study Videos and learn how to create beautiful jewelry pieces.

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Not only are you able to create fascinating jewelry pieces using beads and wire, but by using your imagination you can come up with alternative ways you may use your skills for decorating with jewelry and beads around your house; adding an additional touch to your favorite jeans, sharpening up what used to be a plain glass vase to something that’s unique and fashionable. There are a lot of concepts you can up with and a massive variety of materials to use. The most important thing is to experiment, you may not like what you do initially but have patience and you could be stunned of what you can create.

As everybody today has a mobile phone, why don’t you try decorating with jewelry and beads by making a charm. Young folks will find this quite fashionable and they like to have things that are unique.

Or a beaded bookmark, these are awfully fast projects and will also make great gifts. Or are you having a dinner party or a romantic dinner for two, what about decorating some candlesticks with colorful beads that match your table linen and which will add some additional glamor to your dining table.

Also you can decorate wine glasses by wrapping jewelry round the stems, you may use different beads for each glass then everybody will know whose glass is whose. As well as these things you can then make tissue rings to match the wine glasses. These easy ideas can change something plain and uninteresting into something enthralling and provoking.

There are lots of things around the home you can start decorating with jewelry and beads. Trendy beaded tassels look beautiful hanging from door knobs, drawer handles, even keys.

Another idea is to get a plain glass vase or old bottles and decorate them with beads. Use a mixture of different shades and thread the beads onto the wire and intermittently winding the wire round the bead and through the hole and this may keep some beads in place and others will be hanging.

Wrap the wire around the head of the bottle and twist the ends to fix it. Trim the ends so they’re short and twist them underneath the beads so that the wires can’t catch on anything.

To add some zing into you are your living, dining, or bedrooms, add some gildings to a plain lampshade. You can give a shade a particularly elegant look with some gorgeous crystal beads that coordinate with your decor.

Add some embellishments to your clothing as well with jewelry and beads. You can make beaded drop strings that dangle from the belt loops on your jeans or denim skirt. That may turn a normal pair of jeans into something more fashionable looking. There are limitless concepts to embellish items with jewelry and beads.

Now that jewelry making is hot, the amount and variety of materials available is huge. So get some beads and wire and get arty, you can find you are quite the designer.

Alice Kline is a jewelry making expert. Do You Want To Quickly and Easily Make Beautiful Jewelry From Your Home? Discover more information about Jewelry And Beads, visit

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If you have a passion for creating unique and striking jewelry items, embedded with Austrian crystal beads, then you can easily turn it into a profitable home based business venture. There is a vast demand in the market for jewelry items which are adorned with Austrian crystal beads. This is mainly due to the vibrant gracefulness, these crystal beads add to the jewelry pieces.

Austrian crystal beads are famously used to create jewelry pieces such as necklaces, chokers, rings, bracelets and earrings. These beads are available in a variety of shapes such as cubes, rounds, bi-cones, squares, etc. Also these beads are obtainable in an assortment of colors like aqua, rose, violet, peach, gray, green, black and many more. Due to the various shapes and the variety of colors available, there exists an infinite jewelry making possibility with Austrian crystal beads.

In order to turn your passion into a successful business venture, it is important to design your jewelry pieces according to the current trends in the market. The jewelry industry is known to be highly volatile. The latest trends can easily change within the blink of an eye. So it is extremely vital that you keep yourself up to date with the latest fashions. The easiest way to identify the newest trends in the market is to observe the types of Austrian crystal beaded jewelry designs people tend to buy and sell. By visiting jewelry outlets, online jewelry stores and online auction sites you can easily gain information regarding this market segment.

Another factor to remember when establishing your venture is that it’s not possible to satisfy every consumer sector of the market. Depending on the gender and the age group the preferred trends and colors may differ. For example while elderly women would prefer more elegant jewelry pieces, teenage girls would opt for more hip jewelry items. So it is advisable that you select a consumer market segment which you can easily please with your creations.

In recent times an increase of interest has been shown towards selling jewelry items online through the utilization of the internet. Not only does this eliminate the overhead costs which would be involved when utilizing a physical store, but also this allows you to sell your jewelry 24/7 all year round globally. By conducting an online search you would be amazed at the number of online stores which sell Austrian crystal beaded jewelry items. By operating an online store you would be able to easily display the jewelry items by differentiating them by the type of product as well as the color and shape of the crystal beads that you may have used for the jewelry. In turn this will enable the consumers to easily locate and select their desired items.

If you are opting to sell your creations online, it is recommended that you get a professional looking website. It is important to select a meaningful and memorable domain name and a reliable web hosting company for your website. Your website should be able attract and retain the attention of all visitors. You should also pay attention to the quality of your jewelry pictures. The pictures should display your creations clearly and beautifully highlighting the colors and shapes of the Austrian crystal beads embedded in these items. Also the visitors should be able to download and view the photos easily and quickly. To sell your products online you would require an e-commerce application which will control everything from running the store to handling the checkout process.

An effective marketing strategy would be required in order to attract clients. You can utilize business cards, flyers, posters and banners to spread the word regarding your venture. Also place advertisements in newspapers, magazines and directories. The target market should be always kept in mind when promoting your products. Your marketing strategy should be appealing to your consumer market segment. For example if your target market is middle-aged to elderly women, advertising in a popular women’s magazines would be more successful. If you have decided to sell your products online, it is vital to promote your website due to the absence of a physical store. Ensure that you specify your web address in all your marketing materials. In addition to this you should also register your website with search engines, online directories, online auction sites and online groups/forums in order for potential clients to easily locate your site. has been helping women start work at home businesses for over 10 years. Their Jewelry Store Career Kit includes everything you need to start your Jewelry Store Business including a basic business start up guide and an easy start program, which provides step-by-step guidance on how to build up your Jewelry Store business within 29 days!

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If you are into the bead craft at all, you will definitely need to know how to make a beaded necklace. Whether for yourself to wear, for your friends, your daughters, or for your customers, you will want to learn how to make a necklace especially since they are the most sought after beading pieces that people wear and will spend their money one.

Here is a list of the materials that you will need. These are fairly typical bead craft supplies, so you may as well pick them up now! You will need flat nose pliers, jewelry wire, a beading needle, beading threads, spacer beads, the beads of your choice, scissors, and craft glue. Now that you have all of the materials you will follow these easy steps to make your necklace.

1. Now that you have the materials you will need, you will get your beading thread and figure out how long you will want your necklace to be. Once you have decided on a length you will want to add about 3-4 extra inches so that once you add the clasps you will still have the desired length.

2. You can now begin adding the beads of your choice and can try different things until you are satisfied with the look of your beads. Here you can use the space beads in between your other beads to give them spacing in between each bead. You will also need a clasp and two bead tips, which are used to secure the ends of your necklace so that the clasp can be attached.

3. Once you have decided on the look of your beads you can put a knot on the end of the thread and use the scissors to trim off any excess thread that you may have. Be sure to make a good knot so that it does not unravel itself and becomes loose. Then you will add the craft glue to the knot so that it is secure and in place.

4. Now you will use the pliers to secure the clasp into a beaded hook so that the loops at the end of each one are joined. You will then use the pliers to close one ring over the other and will continue to do this until you have done all of the clasps.

Now that you have a simple step on how to make a beaded necklace, you will be able to do this for yourself or for business purposes. There are so many people that are into the bead craft hobby and are willing to pay for a nice piece of jewelry, so whether or not you are making it for yourself or not, it is a hobby that you can turn into a nice business venture.

Get some additional bead craft ideas by visiting us on our website,

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The traditional British tweed fabric is in fashion again and designers are using this old classic to make some exciting dress designs and combinations. Tweed fabric is a great source of inspiration for creating subtle color combinations that you can embody in your beading.

The colors are often very muted but at the same time conjure up a sense of luxury. Beads in dark brown combined with silver beads will look great and have this certain refinement you find in tweeds. Pearls in shades of creme in combination with gray clay beads take on the elegance and charm of this classical fabric. Braided leather in combination with metallic beads, two very classical materials, but when combined create an interestingly subtle piece of jewelry. The idea here is to produce beaded jewelry that take on that artful quality of tweed, by using a mixture of natural materials, muted colors and piquant combinations of beads.

Tweed fabrics come in all color schemes, from violets, blues, reds to camels. The colors are always muted and the fabric is surrounded by an aura of luxurious sensuality. By concentrating on these qualities, you will encounter some great inspirational ideas for combining beads and colors to create exceptionally beautiful jewelry.

The excitement of designing jewelry with beads is the tremendous scope of possibilities available for creating almost any design.  The beading itself can be very basic. It is the intriguing combination of colors and structures that adds  the excitement to designs.  We are surrounded by inspiration, be this British tweed or other ideas from the world of fashion or the many ideas we find in nature. We just need focused awareness to identify them.

Author: Doreen Richmond

If you would like to learn how to make your own beaded jewelry, then go to for more information and to get starting immediately.

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Bead earrings are a fashionable and fun way to accessorize your outfit. What started as a crafting idea has blossomed into a wide variety of fun and fashionable earrings. You can buy or make funky earrings to express your personality, or more expensive bead earrings are available with beads, gold, and crystals coming together to form pretty designs.

You can find basic bead earrings, which consist of three or more beads forming the dangly part of the earrings, as well as more fancy earrings, which add crystals, twists in the wire, or even feathers. The different designs allow you to match your outfit or your mood to your accessories. These can be popular with belly dancers or others who wear beads on their clothing, as they can match their earrings to the beads on their clothes or even their belly button ring. More retro beads or styles can complete your 60′s or 70′s style outfit.

Bead earrings are available online on many craft sites, at accessory stores, or you can go hunting at local craft fairs for bead earrings and other beaded jewelry straight from the crafter’s hands. Another great place to find original earrings that are made from beads is bug markets. There you can find some one of a kind design that no one else will be fair.

It can also be fun to make your own bead earrings. Bead earrings are an easy project to start and finish, with instructions and ideas available online and in many craft books. With wire, beads, wire cutters and pliers, you can make your own designs and show off your artistic talent. Earring backs and basic earrings that you can add beads to are available at most craft stores along with beading supplies.

Make your own dangly or polished bead earrings. Bead earrings can be made with a variety of beads, including seed beads, chevron beads, fire polished beads or shaped hematite beads, for a few examples. You can find hearts, stars, and even penguins. Use twists and curls in the wire to add flare to your design.

While you are busy making a few pairs for yourself, why not think about making some for friends and family? People absolutely love receiving handmade gifts and for any woman who wears earrings, they will simply love the idea of having a pair that you made just for them.

For those who were not there the time to take up a new hobby, bead earrings can be custom designed for you by many crafters. Be sure that the crafter uses good quality materials, so that your bead earrings will stay looking nice and to stop problems with reaction to certain materials.

Bead earrings are a fun way to add color and variety to your clothes, whether you make them yourself, order a custom design, or buy someone else’s design. Making them is a fun hobby for many people, so there are many creative designs available.

Glen B. Porter provides readers with up-to-date commentaries, articles, and reviews for fashion [], lifestyle [] and related information.

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Fall Is the perfect time to upgrade your style. How does one add a new twist to a favorite blouse that has been hiding in the back of the closet all summer? It is impossible to ignore all of the new Jewelry and accessories that beckon our eyes to gaze. It is no secret that we all are trying to watch our spending and perhaps sacrificing the little luxuries that are deemed “unnecessary.” Why not save money by orchestrating your own beaded Jewelry and design ideas? It is amazing how the perfect accessory can enhance and update any look regardless of personal style.

Color choice is key when selecting your beads. To get started choose colors that compliment skin tone or enhance eye color. This is a fun way to play up certain features and look your very best. Color combination adds depth and intrigue. Choose three or more colors in the same category to string together in an unset pattern. It’s fine if there are no set patterns, just be certain not to put two of the same bead side by side. There are no rules when it comes to beaded Jewelry and design ideas, but a little planning and experimentation can go a long way.

Size Matters when it comes to selecting beads. Just like the color selection you are going to need to vary the size of the beads. Sizes range from tiny seed beads to giant baubles. Chunky accessories are”in” this season if you are the trendy type, however if you are petite and prefer to dress femininely this will not work for you. Stick to the seed beads and try to create a look that reflects you. Here is a fresh idea to try: select a giant bauble bead, add seed beads to the sides to surround it, add you favorite style closure (there are many to choose from) and voila! You can even make a giant bauble with different color polymer clay. Be sure to make a hole to fit your string, wire or elastic thread through. Add some small wooden beads to the sides and you will have your friends asking “Where did you get that”?

How do you create synergy with your beaded Jewelry and design ideas? The first thing to keep in mind is that “less is more”. Choose a cocktail ring and chandelier style earrings , but skip the necklace. Go for an elaborate necklace and nothing else, wear with a white (or cream or eggshell) top to showcase your work. Bracelets can be tricky, they are difficult to wear because it can easily become too much. Wear a frilly blouse or something with an interesting detail and select beads to compliment it. Bracelets work well when all of the other accessories are kept minimal. Often when you are working with your beaded jewelry and design ideas it helps to sketch out what the end result will look like.

Techniques all depend on your skill level, how much time you want to put in and of course patience becomes a virtue. You may find that working with beads is an addictive zenlike creative escape. If you do not have patience you may develop it while working with beads because it is so rewarding to invest a little time for something that becomes so gratifying. You absolutely have something to show for your work that is purposeful and special. Techniques that can be explored further are as follows: Stringing, wireworking, and beadknitting. You may choose to just stick to the traditional way of stringing and that is okay. String multiple beads together to create a simple bracelet or necklace, and wear a bunch of them together. Bead knitting has beautiful and professional look but you will need to invest in a loom. Wire working is just using the wire itself to enhance the look. Choose copper for a unique and edgy look. Wrap the copper wire around a giant square bead and wear it by itself.

In conclusion, you do not have to be an artist in order to create beaded jewelry and design ideas. Just use what looks good on you. Crystal beads are great for the holidays, they add sparkle and drama to a cocktail dress and make wearing black fashion forward. Wooden beads give off earthy vibes and are fantastic for casual fall days and evenings, think of wooden beads as the “jean” of the bead world. Shiny beads catch the light and add fusion. Matte glossy beads can easily be painted or worked into a professional look for the office. Don’t forget to make some for you friends to give as gifts for holidays, housewarming parties, or a last minute birthdays. The most important thing to remember is to give love and have fun.

Lucy Bushman is an accomplished niche website developer and author.

To learn more about beaded jewelry and design ideas [], please visit My Beaded Jewelry [] for current articles and discussions.

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