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Not everyone can be a good bead crafter, but if you have a special talent for creative beading, you may be able to turn your talent into a lucrative profession. One way to know if you can make money this way is to listen to what other people are saying about your beading crafts, whether you do jewelry or other beading projects. Don’t just listen to what people say when you give them your beading projects as gifts; they aren’t going to be as honest as you would like. Instead, try to display your beading work in places where a lot of different people will see them, and try to eavesdrop on the conversations that they have about your work.

People love creative beading, and most people can spot good work when they see it. Whether you are making costume jewelry or adding beading to clothing, you are going to be able to make a good living from it if you find that people keep coming back to purchase your particular designs. Once you establish yourself as a bead crafter who does good quality work, you may want to make up some business cards for yourself and pass them around. Try to set up a booth at craft fairs as often as possible, and hand out your business cards to people who buy your products. Be sure to include your phone number and email address, and let people know that you are willing to do custom work. Your creative beading talent could very well provide you with a good full time income.

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Beading is an entertaining past-time as well as a good opportunity for making a profit. However that’s not all you can get if you are having fun when bead making. More artist are now putting up their own bead making tutorials for probably interested folks in learning how to bead, and in truth bead making tutorials are very much in demand today. All classes do not need to be for experienced jewelers, having classes like the best way to make a button bracelet can be directed to young children on holiday.

There are many reasons why many people would prefer to undergo bead making tutorials such as : some folks are afraid to waste their investment in buying supplies and materials until they’ve tried doing it, others want their bead making ability to be added in their repertoire, and some use bead making tutorials as a type of socializing while creating beautiful pieces of jewelries that they can wear.

This kind of business can keep money coming in especially when it’s not a good time for sales of your jewelry products. You can also set your schedule for those months of the year that you aren’t so busy in selling your jewelry items at shows.

If you are puzzling over where to put up a beading tutorial class, think about your own studio, if you have enough space for a number of scholars. You can also try local art craft shops. There are some instructors that teach bead making at active retirement communities, at faculties or maybe for home schooling groups. You may use your time teaching during birthday parties, gatherings for woman’s club, lapidary clubs, in community varsities, and in some parks where you can hang around with your scholars.

You may also sell different kits of jewelry that your student can use during the tutorials. This is an alternative way of moving your business forward in another aspects. However don’t bring too many materials and supplies for your scholars to choose from, it’ll take time for the student to pick materials and supplies if there are too many varied items available. The tutorial will be way easier to learn if you will just provide easy kinds of kits that contain all parts to make a specific jewelry. You can offer different types of bead craft hobbies and have separate kits for each class included in the price .

Remember, the more bead making help texts you may teach, the more folks would expect you to teach them. Your teaching opportunities don’t stop there, not only are your scholars learning, you your self are learning too, because you also need to study what other systems, styles, and designs you may get ready for them.

If you do intend to start offering classes it’s critical to learn safety tips in jewelry making and to coach your students early on the importance of safety. You don’t want somebody hurting themselves badly as that might be disastrous for your business and give you a bad reputation.

If you need help with your jewelry business then our jewelry software is guaranteed to get your business organized. We also have jewelry business tools and a free jewelry book all designed to help you get the most out of your jewelry business.

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It is fairly simple to sell your bead crafts for profit on a small scale, as you will likely give some of your creations away, have others on display around your home, or (in the case of jewelry) be wearing some of your favorite pieces out and about. As word gets out, it’s altogether possible that someone will ask you to undertake one or more beading projects for them. This kind of organic growth will produce occasional profits and leave you hungering for more, and while gleaning occasional profits for your hobby is relatively easy, it is significantly more difficult to take it to the next level and turn your hobby into a cottage industry.

I say this not to dissuade you from trying, but only to make clear that selling your bead work for profit on a regular basis is harder than you might think. As with anything worth doing, putting your hobby on a paying basis takes persistence and work. Having said that, if it’s something you’re interested in, I’ll walk you through some of the things you need to be thinking about in order do just that.

If you’re serious about making money with your hobby, the first, best thing you can do is not spread yourself too thin. Settle on 3-4 beading projects you can execute well and feel reasonably sure you can make a respectable profit at. Below, we’ll examine some of the more popular beading projects, and their suitability for your purposes.

Necklaces: Probably the most popular of the beading projects people attempt for profit, and also one of the most difficult to succeed at. If this is where your primary interest lies, then you should know that in order to succeed, you’ll really need to work at carving out a niche for yourself. Try to keep some common, underlying theme to your work. Stay consistent so that your portfolio has a similar “look and feel.” If simple elegance is what you do best, don’t stray far from that in your “for profit” beading projects. On the other hand, if your preference runs to zany, over the top designs, stick with that. Bear in mind that you’ll want to be able to produce your designs in quantity, so keep your patterns simple but unique. A tall order, but by studying the market, you should be able to find a niche.

Bracelets: A smaller market than necklaces, but these beading projects can still be a challenge to break into. One popular niche in the bracelet market is the “mother’s bracelet” A crowded market now, but if you have an innovative approach, that particular line of beading projects can be profitable indeed!

Earrings: Another fabulous line of beading projects, and this one lends itself nicely to profitability. Once you’ve perfected your designs, you can typically produce several pairs of earrings a day, and some capacity for mass production is essential to profitability. Again, however, earrings are a crowded market, so your beading projects will have to have some unique aspect to them in order for you to find profits.

There are other beading projects well suited to profitability, and those will be covered in part two of this article series. To learn more about this and related topics, see Bead Craft

Chris Hartpence and his wife, Christina, live in a small seaside town in South Carolina. Both are lifelong artists and die-hard do-it-yourselfers.

They jointly run the Bead Craft Ideas website, and can be reached at

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Beading is said to be the most favorite hobby of many people today. Some of them are just doing it as a past time, and some take it as a professional way of building a business. There are various forms of beading which includes seed beading and tapestry beading. The great thing about tapestry beading is that you can include many different types of beads into your creation to give different effects. If you do fimo bead making or make your own handmade glass beads then you can use these or you can buy what you need online or at the local craft shop.

Textile looms is one of the many bead weaving in the history. Here, various techniques are used to produce cloth, and the equipment to use to create beautiful bead work is the bead loom. The bead loom is one of the most common pieces of equipment used by bead workers while enjoying their beads to create beautiful masterpieces.

Before you start beading and using a bead/textile loom, it is important to know the exact usage of it. The bead loom has to be very substantial so that you can work comfortably with support that you must have in working with various patterns and designs. In general, the common bead looms are rectangular or square in shape and has some kind of raised grooves and hooks. You can find bead loom’s of assortment styles in the market. The price of each bead loom varies according to their styles. The wooden one are quite expensive, but this is the most durable and sturdy kind of bead loom for you. Do not compromise on the quality if you want to experience more enjoyable work with this craft.

It is highly recommended for beginners to start with an easy task first. Using a bead loom for comparatively bigger beads is a lot easier for you to create an outstanding design. Choose size 6 or 7 beads if it is just your first time.

Now, in working with bead looms, you have to be careful when choosing the needle for weaving the beads. Make sure that the size of your needle is always much less than the size of the bead hole so that it will easily pass through every bead you’re working with. Place the beads at a comfortable distance in a bowl for you to easily pick them up.

After doing a few practice projects using a loom, you can explore and experiment with different styles and techniques in making your handmade beaded items. Your beading craft is more fun to do using a bead loom. Just make sure you’re doing it the right way. Once you are able to make some great pieces you can add this to your other jewelry making designs and could consider setting up your online jewelry store to sell your pieces along with other places that you normally showcase you jewelry.

Need some help to organize your jewelry business; our beaded jewelry software is guaranteed to help you with that. Free things that can also help you improve your jewelry business are our beaded jewelry articles and free jewelry books.

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In the last article, we began with a discussion of the difficulties a hobbyist can face when attempting to make his/her bead craft hobby pay. The second half of that article focused on some of the more profitable and attractive projects out there if this is indeed your goal. In this article, we’ll continue our examination of the many possible directions your beading projects can take on your quest for profits.

Matched Sets: The upshot here, is that the field is somewhat less crowded and thus, easier to enter. It’s one thing to whip out a pair of earrings, but to create a matching ensemble is quite an undertaking. Definitely an advanced line of beading projects, even if the designs are relatively simple. On the plus side, you can generally charge a premium for matched sets, but this is balanced by the fact that they are slower to produce. If you want to make enough for sustainable profits, it is imperative that you streamline processes in your beading projects and keep your designs simple, yet original.

Ceiling Fan Pull Chains: A smaller, niche line of beading projects with good profit potential. Your market is smaller for these products than for jewelry, but there’s less competition. Even when using a complex design, these can be produced quickly. If your designs are innovative, you can carve out a highly profitable niche for yourself. A heartily recommended “for profit” line of beading projects!

Of course, settling on one or more projects to make the centerpiece of your “for profit” efforts is only part of the story. Once you have settled on the line of projects you want to pursue, create and perfect your initial designs and then make some inventory for yourself, your efforts will be for nothing if you don’t pay an immediate attention to marketing. A thing that many hobbyist forgets (or don’t realize) is that the best, most innovative line of beading projects on the planet is worthless without proper marketing. If no one knows your beading projects exist, no matter how much time you’ve invested in your beading projects, you will have little, if any success and certainly no sustainable profits.

This is one of the great frustrations of many hobbyists trying to make money with their beading projects. They have a “build it and they will come” mentality, and many put almost no effort into the marketing aspect of the craft.

Especially if you are just starting out, you can expect to spend as much (or more) of your time marketing as you will actually creating product. Your marketing efforts, like your bead craft projects, can be as simple or as complex as you care to make them, and can involve any combination of ‘net based, local exposure, and hand selling efforts. Again, like your projects, your marketing efforts don’t have to be perfect, but they do have to be sustained and focused!

Anyone with a bit of experience in bead craft can turn their beading projects profitable, but it takes a plan, persistence, and patience, and don’t forget marketing!

To learn more about this and related topics, see Bead Craft
Chris Hartpence and his wife, Christina, live in a small seaside town in South Carolina. Both are lifelong artists and die-hard do-it-yourselfers.

They jointly run the Bead Craft Ideas website, and can be reached at

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Bead enthusiasts are passionate about their craft. Many spend hundreds of dollars on beads, findings, and beading patterns. It stands to reason that a beading business can make a lot of money. With marketing skills and a quality supplier, anyone can create profits from crafts with an online beading business.

Catering to the desires of the bead crafting community takes dedication. There are quite a few big-name jewelry-making suppliers out there to compete with. Utilizing their business models to create your own beading business only works if you have wholesale bead suppliers available to you.

There are other ways to start your own bead-craft website and make money from it. Many artists and craftspeople make their own jewelry and sell it online. Some use e-commerce websites and internet marketing techniques while others focus on Ebay and Etsy, two popular online auction venues.

If selling completed jewelry pieces is not what you want to do, you can still create a beading business with affiliate programs. Join an affiliate program of one of the more popular jewelry supply companies and offer their products from your own website. You can earn a commission every time a product sells.

How can you compete with the big names in beading? In order to attract attention on the internet, you need an angle that can be marketed to a specific niche of shoppers. The beading niche is large and it can be difficult to target all of them. One of the more popular searches in the niche is for free beading projects. If you can offer project directions accompanied by material product links to the beads and findings necessary for each project, you can build a great beading business online.

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If you have a passion for creating unique and striking jewelry items, embedded with Austrian crystal beads, then you can easily turn it into a profitable home based business venture. There is a vast demand in the market for jewelry items which are adorned with Austrian crystal beads. This is mainly due to the vibrant gracefulness, these crystal beads add to the jewelry pieces.

Austrian crystal beads are famously used to create jewelry pieces such as necklaces, chokers, rings, bracelets and earrings. These beads are available in a variety of shapes such as cubes, rounds, bi-cones, squares, etc. Also these beads are obtainable in an assortment of colors like aqua, rose, violet, peach, gray, green, black and many more. Due to the various shapes and the variety of colors available, there exists an infinite jewelry making possibility with Austrian crystal beads.

In order to turn your passion into a successful business venture, it is important to design your jewelry pieces according to the current trends in the market. The jewelry industry is known to be highly volatile. The latest trends can easily change within the blink of an eye. So it is extremely vital that you keep yourself up to date with the latest fashions. The easiest way to identify the newest trends in the market is to observe the types of Austrian crystal beaded jewelry designs people tend to buy and sell. By visiting jewelry outlets, online jewelry stores and online auction sites you can easily gain information regarding this market segment.

Another factor to remember when establishing your venture is that it’s not possible to satisfy every consumer sector of the market. Depending on the gender and the age group the preferred trends and colors may differ. For example while elderly women would prefer more elegant jewelry pieces, teenage girls would opt for more hip jewelry items. So it is advisable that you select a consumer market segment which you can easily please with your creations.

In recent times an increase of interest has been shown towards selling jewelry items online through the utilization of the internet. Not only does this eliminate the overhead costs which would be involved when utilizing a physical store, but also this allows you to sell your jewelry 24/7 all year round globally. By conducting an online search you would be amazed at the number of online stores which sell Austrian crystal beaded jewelry items. By operating an online store you would be able to easily display the jewelry items by differentiating them by the type of product as well as the color and shape of the crystal beads that you may have used for the jewelry. In turn this will enable the consumers to easily locate and select their desired items.

If you are opting to sell your creations online, it is recommended that you get a professional looking website. It is important to select a meaningful and memorable domain name and a reliable web hosting company for your website. Your website should be able attract and retain the attention of all visitors. You should also pay attention to the quality of your jewelry pictures. The pictures should display your creations clearly and beautifully highlighting the colors and shapes of the Austrian crystal beads embedded in these items. Also the visitors should be able to download and view the photos easily and quickly. To sell your products online you would require an e-commerce application which will control everything from running the store to handling the checkout process.

An effective marketing strategy would be required in order to attract clients. You can utilize business cards, flyers, posters and banners to spread the word regarding your venture. Also place advertisements in newspapers, magazines and directories. The target market should be always kept in mind when promoting your products. Your marketing strategy should be appealing to your consumer market segment. For example if your target market is middle-aged to elderly women, advertising in a popular women’s magazines would be more successful. If you have decided to sell your products online, it is vital to promote your website due to the absence of a physical store. Ensure that you specify your web address in all your marketing materials. In addition to this you should also register your website with search engines, online directories, online auction sites and online groups/forums in order for potential clients to easily locate your site. has been helping women start work at home businesses for over 10 years. Their Jewelry Store Career Kit includes everything you need to start your Jewelry Store Business including a basic business start up guide and an easy start program, which provides step-by-step guidance on how to build up your Jewelry Store business within 29 days!

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While it is simpler to buy tools and materials on-line, you’ll find it useful if you’ll attend some bead shows each year to know what is hot and what’s not. At a bead show you are going to be able to see the different latest jewelry items with different trendy colors and designs. You will be able to snatch the opportunity as well as discovering new concepts from other creative artist, by speaking with them while having some fun. There are some bead shows conducting manuals and seminars, this is a good method of learning new beading techniques and developing your potential as an artist as well . Most of the time you’ll find jewelers working as they are selling and you can pick up ideas on jewellery making tools and their proper usage simply by walking around and observing.

During bead shows, you may either ramble around or look for jewellery items that catch your eye, or you can start comparing costs of different jewelries. But , it is advisable not to make any purchases first, it’s much better to use the bead show as an opportunity to make informed purchases rather than purchasing things and maybe ending up with a bad deal. You may find hand-crafted glass beads, fimo beads and any other type at many alternative stores and taking your time will make sure you get the best bargain.

Having some company during bead shows is another way to help see if you aren’t missing any important items you need to have. And by comparing with each other, experiences and bargains you have seen, you will get to know if there are some interesting items and ideas that you should see during the show that sadly you missed.

Ask for business cards from sellers, particularly from those you have bought from. It is an simple way for you to get in contact with them when you run out of items you need.

Bring along with you a small notebook with the list of items you need, and you may also list down all of the information about new styles, colors, designs, and even interesting concepts you gathered during the show. You can annotate their name and contact information of the different merchants and their booth locations. When you have all of the required information, you have the opportunity to visit them again to compare costs of items with other sellers, and the chance to visit their own website to get some more information.

Don’t take a bag with you to carry all of your items, but rather employ a large backpack with heaps of pouches to store different items in, use the pouches at the top for more delicate items with the heavier ones at the bottom. This way your products will be protected and you’ll be able to view items simpler with both hands free.

Enjoy your time at the bead show! This is a great experience where it gives you different concepts and latest trend in joining the creative arena of jewellery making. As this is going to be your craft remember to have a good time at the outside craft show, it is business, but also it can be fun at the same time.

If you need help with your jewelry business then our beaded jewelry software is guaranteed to get your business organized. We also have free free jewelry business tools and a free jewelry business book all designed to help you get the most out of your jewelry business.

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This information in this article is predicated on two assumptions: That you have one or more beading projects you’d like to make profitable, and that you have some level of inventory at the ready for when sales begin coming in. If that’s you, then this article will outline a few avenues open to you for “passively marketing” your work.

Note that passive marketing does not mean “no work required,” or “you don’t have to talk to anyone.” Rather, it means that the greater bulk of the work occurs on the “front end” and that once the work is concluded, your passive marketing efforts will continue more or less on their own, indefinitely, with only minimal added effort on your part.

This is important for you as a bead crafter because it frees up more of your time, which you can devote to your current beading projects, or, if you feel you’re ready for it, develop wholly new beading projects to expand your line.

We’ll cover two examples of passive marketing. One, advertising your completed beading projects locally, and the other, advertising them globally.

One of the very best ways to market your beading projects locally is via consignment. Here, your goal is to show your line to people with an established business and ask if they will display and sell your products in exchange for a portion of the profits. This works to your advantage on a number of levels. First, the established business already has regular customers you can make sales from. Additionally, most will allow you to display your business cards next to your wares, so if a customer likes what you produce, their next purchase may be made direct from you. Also, once you have an existing relationship of this sort, it’s generally easy to introduce new products to your display as you expand the number of beading projects in your line.

The key here is not to limit yourself to just one or two such relationships, but to seek to engage as many sources as you can keep supplied. Not only does this increase your exposure, but it also allows you to see how various shops handle your merchandise, and you can use this information to see where your products sell the best, then attempt to gain a similar in-store position at other shops carrying your line. If your beading projects are focused on necklaces/bracelets, you may naturally be drawn to locally owned jewelry stores in your town, but I encourage you to think outside the box here! Hospital gift stores, gift shops in retirement homes and old fashioned country stores are all great pleases to inquire, as are general gift stores and specialty shops like Hallmark, and any place that caters to local artists!

Thinking of the global market, the very best thing you can do to advertise your for-profit beading projects is niche web marketing. There are literally dozens of books on this topic, and it’s far beyond the scope of this article to fully explore the process, but in broad strokes, what you need to do in order to market your beading projects in this manner are:

1) Identify keywords describing your beading projects that get some daily searches (10-30+ per day) and have minimal competition (under 50k).
2) Design a niche site around these keywords to drive traffic to your page
3) Describe what you’re offering. These descriptions should be mixed in with original content on your site
4) Offer would be customers a means of contacting you
5) Offer them a means to buy from you online

Again, the beauty of passive marketing is that once the initial work is done, your beading projects get exposure day in, and day out with very little effort on your part. Contrast this with a hands on approach (flea markets and craft fairs) which require your constant presence and attention in order to make sales from your beading projects and the advantages become compelling indeed!

To learn more about this and related topics, see Bead Craft. Chris Hartpence and his wife, Christina, live in a small seaside town in South Carolina. Both are lifelong artists and die-hard do-it-yourselfers.

They jointly run the Bead Craft Ideas website, and can be reached at

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A birthday bracelet beading party for girls age 5 and up is guaranteed to be a big hit. Most girls are thrilled with the opportunity to make jewelry, and parents appreciate that you’re providing both the party favors (the bracelets the girls make to take home) and the party activity (making the bracelets).

I discovered this profitable home beading party niche by accident a few years ago when I was asked if I could do a jewelry make-and-take craft at a 9-year-old girl’s birthday party. The girl’s mom and I decided on gemstone bead bracelets because necklaces would be too expensive, and not everyone has pierced ears for earrings.

So I came to the birthday party with my bead boxes, bead boards for everyone, a tape measure, accuflex beading wire, little sterling silver toggle clasps, velvet pouches for everyone, and a couple of example bracelets.

I couldn’t believe what a huge hit it was! The girls absolutely devoured the project and were thrilled to have real pearls and gemstones on their bracelets.

Now I get calls regularly asking me to come do a bracelet birthday bead party for another girl, and every time I do one, more parties get scheduled from it because the girls enjoy it so much.

Bracelet birthday parties are very easy to do, and they can also earn you a nice profit. I charge $15 per girl for parties of 9 or fewer girls, and $14 per girl for parties of 10 or more. I include a small velvet pouch for each girl to store her bracelet in.

I bring bead boxes that are organized by bead color – and as you might guess, pink and purple are DEFINITELY the most popular beads every time! Fortunately, rose quartz is very inexpensive! :o ) Blue beads are the next most popular color. My birthday party beads all cost me $6 or less per 16″ strand, and my average profit is around $10 to $12 per girl.

It usually takes me about an hour to get things ready to go to the birthday beading party, drive there, and set up; about another hour to do the bracelet activity with the girls; and another hour to put everything away, chat, eat a piece of birthday cake, give out bracelet birthday party flyers and business cards, and then drive home. So for 3 hours total, I usually net anywhere from $70 to $200 and have a lot of fun with the girls.

Birthday party activities are a very hot market niche, I’ve discovered, and I recommend trying it out if it sounds at all interesting to you. For successful birthday bracelet beading parties, the keys are to:

  • enjoy kids,
  • have a sense of fun,
  • bring a lot of pink and purple beads (along with other colors), and
  • wear comfortable clothes because you’ll be sitting on the floor.

While I’m helping the girls make their bracelets at the party, they always want to know how I got into making jewelry. So I tell them about how doing something I love turned me into an entrepreneur, that I build my own websites, and that I invent my own job for myself every day by following opportunities that come up and thinking creatively about things. I can tell they’re inspired by that, and I’m glad to plant seeds for future entrepreneurs!

To reach the bracelet beading party niche, I recommend making a nice flyer with a few enticing bracelet photos, a photo of a selection of beads, a brief party description, and your contact info.

Include a flyer for each birthday party guest to take home (most of the girls who are guests at one of my birthday beading parties want to have their own parties). Also inquire at your local elementary schools about including one of your flyers in students’ weekly take-home folders. Many schools are happy to do this if you provide the flyer copies.

Other likely places to distribute birthday bracelet beading party flyers (with permission) include ballet / dance / gymnastics studios where girls take lessons; soccer / softball games; craft stores; and pottery painting stores.

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Rena Klingenberg is a jewelry artist and the publisher of, a collection of thousands of tips on marketing handcrafted jewelry. She also publishes, tips for trade show success on a small budget.

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