Although presumably you can use any kind of needle as a beading needle, if you are serious about the craft you should buy one that is specifically for beading. These types of needles are designed for both simple beading and elaborate beading, and they come in all different sizes and materials. For serious beaders, the types of needles they use can make the difference between a good finished product and one that is anywhere from slightly to very inferior.

To get your needles, visit a craft store, or even better, a beading store. A beading store will have exactly the types of needles that you need for your specific projects and designs, and the people there should be able to help you find the right beading needle for each of your projects. Don’t be afraid to go in and ask questions; these people want your business, and if they give you the right kind of help the first time, they know that you’ll be back when you need more supplies.

Although it may seem strange to you at first, wooden needles often work very well for beading, and well-made wooden needles can last a long time. A stainless steel beading needle can work well too – it really all depends on your preferences. If you are just starting out but are serious about your beading craft, you may want to buy more than one type of beading needle, so that you know that you’ll have the right one for each project that you will be working on.

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