The traditional British tweed fabric is in fashion again and designers are using this old classic to make some exciting dress designs and combinations. Tweed fabric is a great source of inspiration for creating subtle color combinations that you can embody in your beading.

The colors are often very muted but at the same time conjure up a sense of luxury. Beads in dark brown combined with silver beads will look great and have this certain refinement you find in tweeds. Pearls in shades of creme in combination with gray clay beads take on the elegance and charm of this classical fabric. Braided leather in combination with metallic beads, two very classical materials, but when combined create an interestingly subtle piece of jewelry. The idea here is to produce beaded jewelry that take on that artful quality of tweed, by using a mixture of natural materials, muted colors and piquant combinations of beads.

Tweed fabrics come in all color schemes, from violets, blues, reds to camels. The colors are always muted and the fabric is surrounded by an aura of luxurious sensuality. By concentrating on these qualities, you will encounter some great inspirational ideas for combining beads and colors to create exceptionally beautiful jewelry.

The excitement of designing jewelry with beads is the tremendous scope of possibilities available for creating almost any design.  The beading itself can be very basic. It is the intriguing combination of colors and structures that adds  the excitement to designs.  We are surrounded by inspiration, be this British tweed or other ideas from the world of fashion or the many ideas we find in nature. We just need focused awareness to identify them.

Author: Doreen Richmond

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Author: Doreen Richmond
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