Not only are you able to create fascinating jewelry pieces using beads and wire, but by using your imagination you can come up with alternative ways you may use your skills for decorating with jewelry and beads around your house; adding an additional touch to your favorite jeans, sharpening up what used to be a plain glass vase to something that’s unique and fashionable. There are a lot of concepts you can up with and a massive variety of materials to use. The most important thing is to experiment, you may not like what you do initially but have patience and you could be stunned of what you can create.

As everybody today has a mobile phone, why don’t you try decorating with jewelry and beads by making a charm. Young folks will find this quite fashionable and they like to have things that are unique.

Or a beaded bookmark, these are awfully fast projects and will also make great gifts. Or are you having a dinner party or a romantic dinner for two, what about decorating some candlesticks with colorful beads that match your table linen and which will add some additional glamor to your dining table.

Also you can decorate wine glasses by wrapping jewelry round the stems, you may use different beads for each glass then everybody will know whose glass is whose. As well as these things you can then make tissue rings to match the wine glasses. These easy ideas can change something plain and uninteresting into something enthralling and provoking.

There are lots of things around the home you can start decorating with jewelry and beads. Trendy beaded tassels look beautiful hanging from door knobs, drawer handles, even keys.

Another idea is to get a plain glass vase or old bottles and decorate them with beads. Use a mixture of different shades and thread the beads onto the wire and intermittently winding the wire round the bead and through the hole and this may keep some beads in place and others will be hanging.

Wrap the wire around the head of the bottle and twist the ends to fix it. Trim the ends so they’re short and twist them underneath the beads so that the wires can’t catch on anything.

To add some zing into you are your living, dining, or bedrooms, add some gildings to a plain lampshade. You can give a shade a particularly elegant look with some gorgeous crystal beads that coordinate with your decor.

Add some embellishments to your clothing as well with jewelry and beads. You can make beaded drop strings that dangle from the belt loops on your jeans or denim skirt. That may turn a normal pair of jeans into something more fashionable looking. There are limitless concepts to embellish items with jewelry and beads.

Now that jewelry making is hot, the amount and variety of materials available is huge. So get some beads and wire and get arty, you can find you are quite the designer.

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