Glass beads are mostly used for decorating our handicrafts, home decors, fashion accessories and jewellery. You can make certain jewelleries like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings out of beads. Nowadays beads are usually used by jewellery designers in creating unique and elegant jewelleries. They are made of a variety of materials such as glass, corals, terracotta, shells, wood and metal. The most common glass craft beads are the acrylic and fire polished glass beads. These are used by many jewellery designers for they have certain qualities that look absolutely stunning in making jewellery.

Glass craft beads are processed under lamp working method. This method starts by preparing the mandrels first then heating the glass rods in the flame until it melts. Wind the molten glass to the mandrel then continuously rotating it in the mandrel until you have formed the base bead. And once the bead is done it goes right into annealing process. Annealing process is done after the glass has been formed; it prevents it from cracking due to extreme heat. The span of this process depends on the thickness and type of glass used for beadmaking. Then once it is finished then it is now ready for designing.

You can make a variety of coloured glass beads like blue, red, yellow, brown, black, white, pink and violet. You can turn them also in different shapes like round, square, oval, teardrop, heart, cylindrical or tube. That is why glass rods are used for making glass craft beads because of varieties of shapes and colours that you can choose from. In glass craft beads you must also know the different materials used for making these types of glass beads like pliers, mandrels, glass rods, cutters, bead release, torch, fibre cloth or vermiculite and many other more. You must provide all these materials and must follow carefully the procedures to make your glass craft bead making successful.

Now you can make your own glass beads at home and can even decorate your home with these kinds of beads. Bring out your talent by making beads for making jewellery, who knows you might be a jewellery designer someday. Start making one now and fulfill your dreams in making different beads.

Tiffany Leffler is a glass beadmaking expert.
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