Are you running short on ideas for a party set in the 70s? There are so many different TV series that are being shown on retro channels, so what it used to look like back then, may not be very hard for younger people to envision. You want some fresh and new things at your party, so we have thought up a few, which may be both inspirational, and surprise your guests as well.

We may have either lived through the 70s ourselves as young people, or be a student of that particular time period in history. It was an era of flower power, new and often radical ideas, and civil rights. Clothing from that time was often very individual as well as having a certain simple charm. For your costume ideas at your next hippie party, bell bottom pants are a must! Fringed vests were common, as well as plenty of peace beads and symbols. Headbands were often worn by women and men, and sometimes the clothing was made to look threadbare and well-loved.

Don’t forget the hair! Back then, hair was often large and very curly. For your decorations at the party, you can make up lots of signs on your computer such as groovy and peace, etc. If you have the time you could also make a few period-appropriate posters, inviting people to your political event or rally. This will lend an air of authenticity. Decorating your food area, could be easy with lots of flowers of course, and a few peace symbols here or there. Party favors can be easy, if you give out love bead necklaces for the adults, and perhaps the children, peace symbol and flower stickers or even little toy cars decorated as they had been, back in the day.

You can change up your living room easily, by putting some knitted afghans around on the couches and chairs, borrowing a couple of beanbag chairs and scattering them around the living room, and even renting some DVDs of old TV shows which could be playing softly in the background. If you can dig up a retro TV set, all the better! Music from that era could be playing in the background as well. If you do find yourself running out of time for all of this, then there are plenty of kits and accessories and costumes you can purchase inexpensively.

When you’re throwing a themed party, it can be a challenge to come up with a few new things that will set your party, apart from the rest. Don’t forget that invitations to a party can be themed, and then people will get the idea right away. With a little thought and a challenge to your creativity, your family and friends will be talking about your hippie party for weeks to come!

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