Want a really nice craft for your older kids to do or for yourself? Paper beads are a great way to make stunning and unique gifts for their friends or themselves with very little money involved. (We all love that!).

All you need are some old colorful magazines, or even newspaper works if you like that black and white look.

Tear out the page you want to use, and mark off one inch strips, or you can approximate.

Draw a line from the top corner of one of the one inch strips to the other corner and cut it out, you will have two very long triangles.

Cover your paper in white glue on the wrong side, and then take a round tooth pick and begin to roll your paper very tightly make sure it is pressing right into the glue. (This part will be a bit messy).

Then stick the tooth pick into the top of an egg carton or piece of cardboard to dry. You can dip your paper beads into varathane or glaze to harden them and protect them, and these paper beads will look shiny and just like porcelain beads.

Once you have all your beads, you can start threading them to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. You can get all the jewelry making supplies quite cheap online or in your local discount store. Each paper bead will be unique and different. You could also have themes, like using newspaper, or the same type of color pages.

This is a good way to get rid of some old magazines, and have fun at the same time.

http://www.make-crafts-for-cash.com/paperbeads.html click here for a free video on how to make paper beads and have fun and make some unique jewelry. Article and website by Diane Palmer

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