Jewelry Making Instructions, Beading Patterns & a Plethora of Beading Tips!

These simple jewelry making instructions will walk you through the process of creating your first beadwork necklace.  In broad terms, the jewelry making instructions below can also be applied to any of the other projects referenced in the article, “Bead Craft.“  Select a few items to create a simple pattern and follow these jewelry making instructions and you’ll have a wearable piece before you know it!

Enumerated Jewelry Making Instructions

Jewelry Making Instructions - Silk Thread

Jewelry Making Instructions - Buy Silk Thread

1)      Of course, the best instructions in the world will do you no good without finding and securing a supply of beads online, or at your local shop.

Jewelry Making Instructions - Click Pic to buy Magnifying Glasses

Jewelry Making Instructions - Buy Magnifying Glasses

2)      Get some silk thread, or fishing line.  You won’t be able to follow these instructions without something to string your beads on!

3)      Optional equipment to consider would be magnifying glasses, and a bead tray.  Equipment in hand, you’re ready to start in on the actual jewelry making instructions!

Jewelry Making Instructions - Buy a Bead Tray

Jewelry Making Instructions - Buy a Bead Tray

4)      Design a pattern.  This pattern will be the basic building block of the piece.  Of all the instructions on this page, this is probably the most important, so make sure you spend adequate time here.  You’re goal is to create a simple pattern, easily repeatable, using complimentary colors in a stylish, attractive arrangement.  Once you have your pattern, continue following these instructions.  See also, the article “How to Bead” for information supporting and building upon these jewelry making instructions.

5)      Cut your line to the desired length.  In these instructions, we’re making a necklace, so we’ll use a 24” measurement (standard for Christina).  If you want to make something for yourself, measure to see how long your piece should be.  If you invested in a bead tray (step 3 of these jewelry making instructions), it will have necklace grooves on it.  When the line is ready, continue following these jewelry making instructions.

6)      Place half your clasp on one end of the line and knot that end.  This keeps the beads you string onto one end from sailing into your lap via an unsecured end.  Once tied, place two iterations of your pattern onto the string and stop.  Review the next step to be sure you’re happy before proceeding with these jewelry making instructions.

7)      Now visualize that pattern spanning the length of the necklace.  If you’re satisfied, continue on with these jewelry making instructions. (Note – if you bought a bead tray (step 3 of these jewelry making instructions), then you won’t need to spend much time here, because you will already know what the finished product will look like!)

8)      The most mechanical of these instructions.  Repeat your pattern, filling the whole of the line.  Attach the other half of the clasp at the end you’ve been working on.  If you want to make the necklace somewhat adjustable, place a few “jump rings” at the end of your last pattern, and before the clasp.

Following these simple jewelry making instructions will get you an attractive, stylish, unique necklace, but there’s one refinement you may want to consider making.

Jewelry Making Instructions - Finished Product

Jewelry Making Instructions - Finished Product

9)      Oftentimes, at the “lowest hanging point” of the necklace, there’s a charm, pendant, or an alteration in the pattern (sort of a pattern within the pattern).  If you want to try this, you’ll need to measure.  At the midpoint of your line put in whatever alternate pattern you want to try, then revert back to the original pattern till you fill up the necklace (step 8 of these jewelry making instructions).  If you do this, you’ll only want to tie a loose knot on the end of the line (step 6 of these jewelry making instructions), because you may find that the centerpiece doesn’t hang properly about your neck, and you’ll need to add a few iterations of the pattern to the far end to balance things out.  Once everything is in place, tie firm knots at both ends, glue them with a tiny dab of glue for added strength and support, and try on your finished piece!

The result will be something similar to what’s pictured here.  And there you have it!  By following the steps in these simple jewelry making instructions, you can make almost anything you can envision!

You can see “live” examples of Christina’s own projects (created using these very instructions) by visiting her online store, “Creativisms

When you feel you’ve mastered the basics, check out the articles on Beading Projects and More Beading Ideas for how to proceed!