Not everyone can be a good bead crafter, but if you have a special talent for creative beading, you may be able to turn your talent into a lucrative profession. One way to know if you can make money this way is to listen to what other people are saying about your beading crafts, whether you do jewelry or other beading projects. Don’t just listen to what people say when you give them your beading projects as gifts; they aren’t going to be as honest as you would like. Instead, try to display your beading work in places where a lot of different people will see them, and try to eavesdrop on the conversations that they have about your work.

People love creative beading, and most people can spot good work when they see it. Whether you are making costume jewelry or adding beading to clothing, you are going to be able to make a good living from it if you find that people keep coming back to purchase your particular designs. Once you establish yourself as a bead crafter who does good quality work, you may want to make up some business cards for yourself and pass them around. Try to set up a booth at craft fairs as often as possible, and hand out your business cards to people who buy your products. Be sure to include your phone number and email address, and let people know that you are willing to do custom work. Your creative beading talent could very well provide you with a good full time income.

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