More Beading Ideas

In the earlier article on Beading Projects, we covered some of the more popular beading ideas that crafters pursue as they learn more about the hobby, but that list of beading ideas was never meant to be an exhaustive one! Indeed, there are almost an unlimited number of projects you can dive into, and we’ll be taking a look at a few more of them today. Ready? Let’s go!

We’ll start by taking a closer look at some of the beading ideas we discussed in previous articles.

Bead Necklace Designs – Back in the article on beading projects, we essentially lumped all bead necklace designs into a singular category, but that’s really an over-simplification, as there are any number of different ways you can approach the design of a necklace. True, the majority of designs are based around a single strand approach, and given the bent of this site, we focused on stinging bead necklaces, without really getting into the particulars of what beads to focus on.

There are a number of sites offering beading necklace patterns on the web, with being an excellent place to start! Filled with tons of great ideas to get your mind turning on the subject, and as you’ll see, some of them wander quite far from the “single strand” approach we mentioned earlier!

When thinking in particular about bead necklace designs, you could focus your attention on a particular type of bead. For instance, a Swarovski bead necklace (designed exclusively around popular Swarovski crystals) would not only be an elegant design, but this particular beading project would set you apart from other designers using less well known materials.

Or perhaps you could focus on making exclusively gemstone bead necklaces (warning: this could get expensive depending on exactly what gemstones you choose to use in your designs!).

If you go this route when making beaded jewelry necklaces, you could focus on gemstones that aren’t overly expensive. An amethyst bead necklace, for instance, would give you a striking stone as the centerpiece of a design, without breaking the bank.

Of course, if you’re just starting out, or if your bead budget won’t support pursuing gemstones as your centerpiece, a glass beads necklace can be absolutely breathtaking, proving that you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to create stunning works of art! (See the article on Beads Online for details on where to get supplies, if you don’t have a local shop near you).

Then there’s the possibility that you don’t want to “string” a necklace at all, and if that’s the case, you could create a sterling silver bead necklace by affixing your beads to the length of chain in various ways.

Bead Bracelet Ideas – Likewise, when we were discussing various bead jewelry designs for bracelets, we barely scratched the surface, and there are loads of variations you could play with.

As with necklaces, above, you could create a whole line of your own Swarovski beaded bracelets, or use other crystal beads in your bracelets. Bear in mind something we mentioned in the previous article on beading projects that although handmade beaded bracelets are fairly fast and easy to make, you may want to consider making them as part of a matched set. A sterling silver bead bracelet would be a very quick and attractive compliment to its necklace counterpart!

Of course, you can do some fun things with bracelets that might not work as well with necklace designs, so don’t get too “locked in” to any one way of thinking. After all, beaded stretch bracelets or a lampwork bead bracelet design can be fun to play with, but probably wouldn’t work as well ‘round the neck!

You can find a multitude of beaded bracelet patterns (and other beading ideas besides) on, on their A-Z design page.

Of course, you don’t need to stick strictly with jewelry, either! You could use seed beads to make small pouches and bags, cell phone holders, and the like, and again, there are no shortage of these kinds of bead craft patterns on the ‘net.

Getting off the beaten track a bit, you could also turn to fun alternatives such as safety pin bead craft, and there are a number of interesting things you can do here, from airplane patterns to a safety pin bead flag, to safety pin bead bracelets (often incorporating colored safety pins and/or seed beads). Again, branching out into this area opens up whole new vistas of beading ideas!

And the holidays! Holidays open up yet more new avenues of possibilities for you and your bead craft hobby. Halloween beading ideas and patterns offers up an incredible variety of possibilities, with black cats, witches, candy corn and the ever present Jack O’Lantern being but a handful of ideas to get your mind turning on the subject.

And Christmas! Christmas bead craft probably deserves to be a category in its own right, and I’ll mark it down to do a supplemental article on just that topic, but there are tons of projects you could immerse yourself into, as bead craft ornaments and similar decorations not only make attractive additions to your tree, but they’re good projects for the kids to work on, and they make nice, handmade gifts to boot!

Candy cane, snowman, wreath, angel, and snowflake bead craft patterns would all be fairly straightforward to implement, and again, that’s just the tip of the iceberg (and here again, there are a number of safety pin Christmas crafts you could put in this category).

And since we mentioned it briefly above, let’s spend a bit of time talking about beading ideas for kids.

Unless you’re going to be right there to supervise, you will probably be better off investing in a few bead craft kits for your children. This has a number of advantages for you. Specifically because the instructions and pattern have already been worked out, and the kits come with everything you’ll need to complete the project. Depending on how many children you’re working with and how mature they are, this alone can solve a multitude of problems!

Still, if you’d rather simply provide some raw materials and see what the children create themselves, but you feel they might be too young to go romping through your store of beadwork supplies, then you’d probably do well to consider Pony craft beads or Perler bead craft supplies.

Both of these are geared toward youngsters, and your kids can design right alongside you with their own supplies in hand.

I know we’ve covered a lot of ground in this article, but in looking back over the site, I realized that my earlier article on the subject might have left some (especially newcomers to the hobby) with the impression that bead craft was a relatively narrow field. As you can see, this is definitely not the case! The beading ideas and possibilities are nearly endless!

If the beading ideas presented above make your head swim, you might want to go back to the articles on How to Bead, and Jewelry Making Instructions and start there, then work your way back to here!