The beading craft has been around for centuries – it is one of the oldest forms of jewelry design in the world. Although jewelry made of gold, silver, and precious gems has always been popular, even in ancient times, beaded jewelry has always held a high place in the jewelry world. Beaded jewelry has for centuries had particular significance in ceremonies and special occasions, and has been used to denote a person’s place in society. The beading craft has been one that has been revered and respected. Not everyone can be a master at this craft, no matter how easy it may look to others.

Beading is not just for making jewelry. Skilled crafters have been adding beadwork to clothing, pottery, baskets, furniture, and many other things for many years, and they still do today. Different cultures have different methods of beading, and many times you can tell if some beaded jewelry or baskets were made from a particular culture simply by noting the design and the types of materials used.

Several renowned jewelry designers use beading in their jewelry, and not just their costume jewelry. In the beading craft, clever designers know how to strategically place beads among more expensive gems to create beautiful designs that sell for thousands of dollars.

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