Unusual Jewelry

Unusual Jewelry - One of Christina's Pieces

Unusual Jewelry - One of Christina's Pieces

The most interesting pieces of unusual jewelry are created by conscious choice, rather than by happenstance, and if you are looking at this hobby with an eye toward eventually selling your wares, then experimenting with the creation of “unusual jewelry” is probably an excellent idea.


Because if you plan to sell some or all of the beadwork pieces you create, you’ll need to start thinking in terms of marketing, and free marketing is the best kind of all. (for more information on selling your wares, see the section on Beadwork Business Secrets).

The fact is that unusual jewelry gets talked about.  Unusual jewelry generates buzz, and you need buzz!  The more people who are talking about and asking questions about your pieces, the more free exposure you get, and more exposure leads to more customers!

So if you want to put your hobby on a paying basis, the first two things I’d recommend would be to make a few pieces of unusual jewelry and get them into someone’s hands (or on their wrist, or about their neck, or…well, you get the ideas), and start letting the buzz generate.  Hand in hand with that, you need to be accessible.  Buzz won’t matter if no one can reach you!  People interested in your work need to be able to get in touch.  How that manifests itself in your overall plan is up to you:  business cards with your e-mail address or phone number on them, a website, getting your work displayed prominently at local exhibits or preferably all of the above, the main point is that your unusual jewelry out in circulation, being seen and talked about, combined with making yourself accessible are two important keys to successfully marketing your creations and making a name for yourself!

Of course, what constitutes “unusual jewelry” is somewhat subjective and also subject to local geography.  If you live on the beach, you may decide to weave exotic shells into some of your designs for an earthy, organic look and at the beach, your pieces might not be all that unusual, but if you’re selling online, and one of your customers is from the Midwest, your offering might well be seen not only as a piece of unusual jewelry, but also as being rather exotic.

Especially if you are marketing your creations online, you must think globally.  What seems like a mundane piece to you might be mysterious and enchanting and really unusual jewelry for someone from elsewhere!

Of course, it may be the case that you just want a piece of unusual jewelry for yourself, and if that’s the case, by all means, go for it!  Just don’t be too surprised if people start asking you to make some for them!

In terms of creating unusual jewelry, the more unusual the better.  Remember though, your unusual jewelry should focus on unique and innovative design, not on garishness.  Too often, new designers try to make a piece of unusual jewelry by blending colors or mediums in horrid combinations.  It’s unusual jewelry alright, and it will be talked about, but that’s not the kind of buzz you need! (see the articles on How to Bead and Bead Craft for additional information).

Keep your unusual jewelry elegant and refined, while being unique and innovative and you’ll have it!

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If you’re stumped and need some inspiration, check out Christina’s online store, “Creativisms