Mardi gras beads are throws that are tossed from the floats as they pass during a Mardi gras day parade. It is so much fun to try to catch as many beads as you can, but you end up with bags and bags of beads of various sizes and colors. What can you possibly do with all the beads? Here are some ideas for bead control: use the beads to decorate, crafts, and easy party identification.

One way to use Mardi gras beads is to decorate your home for the holidays. You would choose the beads with the right colors for the holiday you are decorating for. You can cut the strand to attach another strand by twisting the end of the beads together. This will allow you to form a strand of beads in whatever length you need. For example, you can twist red and green beads or silver and blue beads and form a strand long enough to wrap your Christmas tree. You could also use a curtain rod to drape beads or put strands together to form a longer curtain of beads in the colors of your choice.

Another decoration idea is to fill an acrylic or glass box (vase or other container of your choice) with beads that coordinate with your décor and prominently display the box on a shelf or table. You could even fill a glass lamp with beads to add a touch of color in the room. You could also use the container of your choice filled with beads and add a lamp kit and shade and you will have made your own lamp.

Mardi gras beads can be used in craft projects as well. You can use the beads to decorate a frame for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or whichever holiday is being celebrated. Another craft idea is to attach the beads to a tote bag or backpack to personalize it for school. Of course, you can cut the beads apart and glue them anywhere your imagination takes you.

Have you ever attended a barbecue and lost track of your glass? You set it down beside someone else’s glass and couldn’t remember which glass is yours when you went to pick it back up. Mardi gras beads can help keep that from happening. You can cut a small strand from your beads that can be wrapped around the stems of the glasses. By assigning a different color to each guest, you will always know which glass is which.

Catching Mardi gras beads is great fun. Now when you bring all your beads home you will have some ideas for ways to use them. Of course you can always give the beads to your friends as souvenirs or have a party with your friends to make some of the crafts. Whatever way you decide to use the beads, you will always have a wonderful reminder of your time at Mardi gras and you will be able to use the Mardi gras beads when you get them home.

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