Hello and welcome!

If you’ve been visiting us for a while, then you have no doubt noticed all the recent changes afoot! As the site has grown and matured, we noticed that things were getting a little disorganized, so we’ve taken steps to re-organize everything to make stuff easier to find and enhance your experience while you’re visiting with us.

Of note, you’ll now find a greatly expanded categories section, and we’re in the process of organizing all existing content INTO the new categories (I’m going to try to have that done by this weekend, but it’s a bigger job than first meets the eye, so it may extend on into next week).

That, a new template, a bit of streamlining, and a plan to add content on a more regular basis should all combine to make the site truly flourish!

Thanks for bearing with us while the site is in transition, and if you’ve got questions about anything, don’t hesitate to drop us a note!

-Chris & Christina Hartpence